Monday, 29 April 2013

Hang a Basket Upside-Down for a ‘Pretend’ Lampshade

Home Decorating:

Last week I was very lucky to be able to attend a local Basket Weaving Workshop - it was run by a visiting artist by the name of Harriet Goodall. Amazingly enough, we all went home at the end of the day with a basket that we’d made!

I can’t really tell you here on our blog exactly HOW we were shown to make the baskets (that would be giving her workshop’s secrets away!), but I can talk about how I have used mine since I brought it home.

Recently I set up this little sitting area on my verandah – it’s nice here in the sun all day. I used two metal chairs that my parents dug out of one of their sheds (I wire-brushed and painted them), and had the cushions re-covered in hardy material from Fab Outdoor FabricsI do like yellow at the moment! The scatter cushions are also made from the same outdoor material. 

You can also see that I still have lots of projects yet to do! (Check out the tatty chair on the right in the photo at the top!)

I will be changing the artwork fairly regularly in this spot, so I’ve just simply leaned this picture, one of my black and white squiggle designs up against the wall.

The little table in between the chairs was tiled by my husband when he was about 12 – nice to finally use it somewhere, and the ‘pretend’ lampshade is the basket I made at the workshop! I simply strung it up using a long strip of material and hung the end on a cup hook.

All very simple of course, but it all helps to make it a lovely place to sit with a cup of coffee (or three)!

Happy decorating!


PS Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is only a couple of weeks away! My project for next week will be a cheap and easy gift to make, but in the meantime, you may like to check out my Mother’s Day projects from last year for some more ideas...

... and here are a few more of my projects to give you ideas for REALLY SIMPLE gifts to make for Mum

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Liberty Jewellery Bags


My friend Kat recently returned from a trip to Melbourne and bought me a pack of lovely lovely liberty cottons from Luccello. I haven't been, but looking on their blog (website coming soon) you can see just what an amazing place the store must be!

Anyway, like a lot of you I find I really hate cutting up beautiful fabric sometimes. I just want to keep it and admire it. But I thought better of it and have made some sweet little purses that would be great for jewellery.

They are padded with some left over wadding I had from quilts and then quilted so they are a little more protective for my jewellery.

Don't you just love liberty fabrics!

Happy sewing!

Caity x

Monday, 22 April 2013

Double-Sided Flag Paintings


Some flags are just so lovely and simple - especially the Danish and Swiss ones - and they look fantastic when used as part of a room’s design. 

I've seen loads of interior pictures using flag designs on soft furnishings and other items, so for this week's project, I thought I’d build on that and make something to be used as artwork in our home.

I wanted to do something a bit different this time, I thought I’d combine the two flags on the one piece of plywood. I painted one on the front, 

and one on the back. 

So when I get tired of looking at one side, I can flip the artwork over and have a completely new design! At the moment, I have them leaning up against the wall, so changing it around will be very easy.

This project was very simple and took no time at all. All you’ll need is a piece of plywood (I purchased mine from Bunnings), a ruler and pencil and some paint!

Firstly I printed out from the internet the flags that I wanted to paint. This way I could see exactly how to draw the flag.

Then I drew the design onto the plywood using a ruler. This was much easier that I thought it was going to be.

Then I painted in the red, then the white on the Danish flag. For the Swiss flag, I just left the ‘cross’ as it was – with the plywood colour showing through. The red colour that I used was Dulux Red Alert. The white was just a tin of something I already had in the cupboard. I only did one coat of each colour.

These paintings already look really good in our home!

Happy decorating!


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Comic Book Art for a Boy's Room

Creative Ideas/Artwork:

I was recently browsing through my favourite Life Line shop and came across a pile of comics. Now if you remember Thom is totally loving super heroes at the moment - so when I saw these I just had to buy them. 

I got them for $2 each!!! Which almost made me buy more - but I managed to control myself somewhat!

I simply framed them in some white frames I already had from Ikea and have hung them above Thom's bookshelf.

Needless to say he is thrilled with them and the best thing is I can easily change them around with more comics or other images as he gets older!

Happy creating.

Caity x

Monday, 15 April 2013

Ideas for Sneaking Some More Storage into Your Home

Home Decorating:

This week I had a couple of hours free so I decided to re-arrange my living room (it was raining and I’d finished all my other jobs)! Part of the re-arranging involved finding some more space for storage for my children’s toys and games. I managed to sneak in some more storage under a wooden bench using a couple of spare baskets.

Then I thought I’d do a quick tour through my house to show you all the spots where I managed to sneak in some extra storage… hopefully it may give you a few ideas for your own home, especially if you’re having trouble managing all your stuff!

In my kitchen, I have used some large baskets in my open shelves, which allow me to neatly and easily store bits and pieces like Tupperware.

I managed to find a microwave skinny enough to sit in the shelf above my fridge, to free up my bench space.

I have used the door of my bin cupboard as a display area for children’s artwork. I simply use pegs and blu-tack to put them up – that way the pictures themselves don’t get worn from having blu-tack stuck on them.

I had a large wall at the end of my kitchen, so I put some shelving from IKEA right along the wall. This storage is fantastic and the glass doors make me keep everything neat!

I also have a large hook just for my handbag so that it has somewhere to go when I come in the door!

My living room has another wall of IKEA shelving, for all my books and things.

This room also has our custom-built shelving next to the fireplace. It was built into an unused corner of the room.

And I can’t claim the credit for this excellent wood storage area which sits right next to the wood heater (and is very cleverly accessed from the outside of the house)… it was here when we came!

The shelves in Poppy’s room were built (by the builder) into the recess of the wall.

I have also recently re-organised her clothes and toys in her cupboard so that she can easily get them out and put them back herself.

In James’s room, I have purchased a couple of baskets that sit immediately under his cot and I also use his change table as a shelf for his toys.

In my bathroom, I installed a couple of small floating shelves which fitted perfectly into a difficult corner. I also used an old cup hook underneath the shelves to hang up some of my frequently-worn jewellery.

Outside the house, I also have a couple of places where I’ve been able to find more storage space. I purchased these fantastic hessian-lined baskets on wheels to keep all the sandpit toys in.

This is a dresser that we have on the verandah. It has quite a bit of space either end of it, so I put in a wine rack-box I had and have filled it with stuff that I use all the time, like gardening gloves and a couple of tools.

I also had this cupboard built by our builder – it fits neatly in the space next to the chimney and allows me to store all sorts of things!

And of course, don’t forget the vacuum bags for the linen cupboard! I have recently been using one bag per item (eg. one blanket per bag) as it’s much easier to open only one bag for one item when you have to use them.

I have also featured some of these rooms before in previous posts. You may like to take a quick look at some of them! My kitchen, living room and office.

Happy sorting and decorating!


Friday, 12 April 2013

Button Magnets

Creative Ideas:

I've had this project sitting around for a while now. I finally got around to getting some magnets this week so I could get it finished.

To make these magnets you will need:
  • Large flat buttons
  • Super glue
  • Flat magnets

Simply glue the magnets to the back of the buttons. Leave to dry and use!

It couldn't be easier.... could it!

Happy creating

Caity x

Monday, 8 April 2013

Colourful Blu-Tack Pictures for Children’s Bedrooms


This project is a really cheap and easy (and non-permanent!) way to decorate your child’s bedroom! I still have my Blu-Tack Scandinavian-StyleChristmas Decorations on my wall… and the other day I thought I’d expand on that idea and create something for our son James’s room.

James is two now and so I have started to add a few ‘toddler’ things to his room, but his room is really still in the in-between stage. I am going to change it around and make a new bedcover etc for him in about 6 months’ time… but until then, I wanted to put something up that was very easy to change again!

All you’ll need for this project is a few packets of coloured Blu-Tack (which usually costs around $3 per packet). As a guide, I used a full two packets for my decorations here; Poppy used another one for hers).

There are an ENORMOUS amount of options for this project! I just did something up quickly to show what the Blu-Tack can look like. I decided to go with a train, a kite, the number two (seeing James is two, and he says that a lot!), a few letters of the alphabet, and a simple circle, square and triangle.

You could do something along the skirting board, or even something on the roof! A little boy would love an aeroplane! Even Blu-Tack bunting would look fantastic! You can create whatever your child likes at the time.

If you have trouble getting the shape right yourself, just do a google search and find something that you can copy. You can do simple shapes or detailed pictures; stick with one colour only; do large or small designs.

You could also ask your older children to make pictures for the younger one. Poppy did this car… 

and this kite… 

and this lovely little mouse for James!

James loves his pictures. He was talking about them this morning when he woke up in his cot, and I also saw him yesterday trying to put his cars into the carriages and make them stick. So cute!

Happy decorating!