Thursday, 29 August 2013

Pastel Painted Wooden Spoons


Just a simple post this week! It's not a new idea by any means but I just wanted to show you how easy it really is to make these spoons.

I just bought a couple of basic wooden spoons from my local Woolies for under $3 each.

All you need to do is to wrap a piece of tape around the base of each spoon and then paint it. I used a craft paint that was suitable for wood. You might need to give it a couple of coats to get the desired colour - I painted 3 coats for mine.

Leave them to dry and then paint a coat of sealer over the top to protect the paint.

Please keep in mind you will have to hand wash these spoons.

Happy crafting!

Caity x

Monday, 26 August 2013

Photocopy Your Fabric for Endless Decorating Options


This week my daughter Poppy and I had a bit of a tidy-up and a rearrange of her bedroom. We put things away, packed up clothes that were too small, changed furniture around… all fun things!

I couldn't resist buying this really pretty doona set from Ezibuy for Poppy's room. I liked the floral side, rather than the stripey one. It's one of the prettiest ones I've seen lately.

I wanted to cheaply make a couple of pictures to co-ordinate with Poppy’s new doona cover, so I purchased two white frames from Kmart. I can't remember how much they were - a few dollars each.

I have (in a previous post)painted a copy of some fabric onto a canvas, but this time I wanted to do something that was a bit more quick and easy.

I didn't really want to cut up the pillowcase, so I had to think of another way to quickly get the same look as the material on the doona cover.

So I stuck the pillowcase into my printer/photocopier and photocopied it! 

It turned out really nicely.

I did put a wad of A4 paper into the pillowcase before I photocopied it, just so the colours wouldn't be affected by the material on the other side of the pillowcase coming through on the photocopier.

Then it was a simple matter of cutting the pieces of paper to size, and putting them into the frames. 

I also removed the stand from the back of the frames, just so that the frames would sit properly on the wall.

This project opens up ENDLESS ideas for decorating options. You might have lots of things that you like the pattern of, but don’t really want to cut up. For example, a tablecloth, a skirt or a cushion cover that you have purchased. Just put it in the photocopier and see how it turns out!

You could make more framed artwork with your photocopies, or maybe some bunting, or maybe even get some of your paper laminated to put around your home (like at the back of a cabinet with blue-tac for some colour in the shelves).

Enjoy your week, and I hope you manage to fit in a creative project of your own!

Happy photocopying!


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Simple Paper Flag Bunting


My pre-spring clean continues this week. Last week I found an old mirror that I quickly updated with a coat of paint - this week I dug up a bag of left over card I had from a project that just didn't turn out how I hoped (so I shelved it).

Anyway, I'm always looking for ways to brighten up my home. I'm waiting to start renovating so anything that feels like a little step towards my new home is welcome!

This is a really simple project and will reflect Em and my ongoing love of bunting - in a million ways!

For this project you will need:

  • various colours of cardboard (or paper sheets would work just as well)
  • glue
  • string, wool, or ribbon
  • scissors
Simply cut the card into 1 inch wide strips and approximately 5 inches in length. 

Next fold each strip length ways.

Freehand cut a triangle out of each end of the card.

Cut a length of your chosen string, wool or ribbon.

Sit each folded card over the string and secure with a dab of glue (I weighted mine down overnight just to make sure they stuck).

Hang your bunting along a wall, over a mirror or across a window for some excitement!

Happy crafting!


Monday, 19 August 2013

Easy-Sew Quilt Bed Cover


This week I decided that my sewing cupboard was a mess, and that I wasn't going to let myself purchase any more fabric until I’d used most of what I had already. 

I needed a project that was going to be simple, and also one that used up heaps of fabric in one go!

So I decided to make a beautiful quilt bed cover for our king-sized bed.

This project was very simple. I didn't even use ONE pin! It did, however, take a little bit of time getting the whole thing sewn together. All up, I think it took me about 6 hours (includes cutting up the squares).

Firstly, I gathered all my material to ‘use up’. Don’t worry about matching any of the fabric, it will all work very well together once it’s sewn into the quilt!

Then I found something square-ish to use as a template to cut my first square.

I used one of my daughter Poppy’s little canvases and added a bit onto the side when cutting it out so it was the exact shape.

Once I’d cut one square the size I wanted (and allowing room for the seams in the size of the square), I then used this piece of material as a template to cut up the others. I decided I needed about 13 rows of 10 squares for our bed.

If you decide to try this project, just cut one square out and then put it on your bed and roughly work out how many you’ll need. 

Once I had all my squares cut out, I started sewing them together. The easiest way to do this (I think!) is to get one square, put it right-sides together with your next square and sew down one side of it. Don’t worry about pinning anything first, just hold the squares together with your fingers. 

Once you've sewn the squares together, fold them both open like a book. Then grab your next square and do the same thing onto one of those first squares you have sewn.

Pretty soon you’ll end up with a long line of sewn squares. Once you've sewn as many as you need, move onto the next panel.
I sewed 13 panels of 10 squares each (as I mentioned above).

Then you’ll need to iron open the seams of each square (the sewn side only). This makes it easier and flatter when you come to joining all your panels together.

Then it really is just a matter of joining each of these panels together. Match right-sides together again for the panels and away you go with the sewing machine!

I found that not all my seams matched perfectly when I came to sewing all my panels together. But I didn't worry about it! It all looks good in the end!

My plan for the back of this bed cover is to purchase a king-sized bed sheet next week (when I make it into a town somewhere), and sew it onto the back. I will again just put the right sides together, sew around them, then turn it out and iron it all down. Then I’ll sew up the remaining area (where I turned it out from) and it will finally be finished!

I hope you give this project a try – it really is VERY easy! It also uses all your scrap material up very quickly!

Happy sewing!


Friday, 16 August 2013

Yellow 'Pop' Mirror

Home Decorating:

Spring must be on its way - we had a mid-week public holiday this week and instead of relaxing I spent the day reorganising my home!

In the process of this I found this mirror I had been given a few years back. It had the old shabby chic paint job and I figured it could do with a bit of an update.

I simply gave the mirror a light paint with a sample pot of Dulux 'Happy' - gosh I love the name! And it really makes me happy just looking at it.

It now sits on top of the old cupboard in my dining room, which used to be the toy cupboard in Thom's room. 

Happy decorating!

Caity x

Monday, 12 August 2013

Waste into Art School Project


Last Friday I spent a lovely morning at my daughter Poppy’s school, helping the children with their project for our local ‘Waste into Art’ competition. We have a total of 10 students at the school, and they are ALL wonderful little people.

I had to come up with a project that would allow each student to do something individual, yet would work together as a ‘whole’ project. The competition (as the name says) only allows the use of rubbish or recycled material.

So we made a ‘Modern Cardboard Quilt’ for some wall art using cardboard from old boxes and discarded stockfeed bags.

It was very simple! And fun! Firstly I cut 10 rectangles out of some old boxes. I had to join a few together with masking tape to get them the right size.

Then I painted each one a different colour, making sure that all the colours worked when the rectangles were placed together.
Each child was then given a painted cardboard rectangle, a large piece of stock feed bag, a pair of scissors and HEAPS of glue.
I gave the children some examples of designs to use… and then I let them go for it!

We all had a great time, and one of the most fun things for the children was getting to use the vacuum cleaner at the end to clean up all our mess!!

Once it’s dry, I’m going to join the rectangles at the back with masking tape, and then hang them up, probably just with blue-tac.

Enjoy your week and I hope you fit something creative into it!


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Simple Print T-shirts for a Baby Gift


I've got lots of birthdays for friends and family coming up at the moment and I'm trying to get a few little things made as gifts for each of them.

This week's post is for a gorgeous little girl who's about to turn 1.

These t-shirts are made using the same method as some of my other posts, for example, my glitter t-shirt and Thom's Batman top

They are really super simple.

I found the template for the bow on the internet and if you remember way back to Mr Elephant lino print in July 2011 I ended up using my elephant print as a template for the elephant.

Next week I'll show you what I'm giving with these cute little t-shirts!

Happy crafting!


Monday, 5 August 2013

More Pretty Dolls to Make


This week I was busy making some more of my little Travel Dolls. There have been so many new baby girls born in my world lately, so I needed a new stash of handmade gifts for them!

These Travel Dolls are an ideal present for a little girl. They can be used as a decorative cushion in a bedroom or as a doll and bed to play with and especially to take away for a night away from home.

I have previously posted the step-by-step instructions on how to make these dolls – they really are very simple to sew. Hardly any sewing talent required at all!

Enjoy your creative project this week, whatever it may be!


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Glitter Gift Tags


These are the easiest gift tags to make! You could make them in any shape you want. Mine are themed for baby gift tags for some presents.

To make them I drew around a couple different cookie cutters I had in the cupboard.

Next I painted in the cookie outline with craft glue.

Once the area was completely covered with glue, I just sprinkled the glitter over the glue-painted shape (making sure it was completely covered).

I then gave the cards a shake to get rid of the excess glitter and I left them to dry.

Happy crafting!

Caity x