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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Paper Petal Artwork


This week I thought I'd make some new artwork for my bedroom. I was looking for something modern, yet relaxing in style.

I love this pattern - it's based on my Pretty Petals Quilt I made last year. 

This was a simple, and inexpensive way to make something new for my home.

I bought the card from Spotlight and cut out simple hand drawn petal shapes.

Next, just lay them out to fit a frame you have. Make sure you balance the colours out so no one colour dominates any part of the artwork.

Once you are happy with the layout you can secure each petal with a little bit of glue - you don't need to use anything too heavy duty as you don't want the glue to seep through. 

Then simply put it into your frame, hang and admire!

Happy crafting and a happy Easter to everyone.

Caity x

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sweet Heart Drawstring Bag


Remember a few weeks ago when I made my 'Little Bit of Love' cushion and got distracted? ....well this is what I ran off to make. A sweet little draw string bag with an appliqued heart.

I trimmed the top of the bag with ric-rac which looks really cute. This pattern would make great little gift bags for a girl's party, or just use in place of wrapping paper for a special gift. 

Mine is going to use as a new little travel cosmetics bag!

Caity x

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Completed Pretty Petals Quilt


Finally I am getting a few projects finished again - this quilt was just waiting for the binding - which after endless searching for the perfect green stripe - I ended up finding it in my scrap basket!

I got this finished JUST in time to head to Sydney to visit my friend Jo and meet her new little bub Grace!

Sorry, I didn't get a photo - but trust me - she's very cute.

Caity x