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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

In Love with Baby-in-the-Hood Jackets


Excuse the serious face !

I LOVE this pattern by Anna Maria Horner in her book Handmade Beginnings

Now I’m the first to admit I am ‘pattern-illiterate’ - even though I have sewed in one form or another since I was about 4 years old - I have spent the majority of this time being petrified of patterns:

  1. They just seem plain old complicated;
  2. I don’t like that tissue thin paper use are supposed to use and I    seem to rip them just getting it out of the pattern slip); 
  3. I’m almost positive they skip every second step in the instructions just to make you feel stupid; and most of all .....
  4. Whenever I have tried to make anything from a pattern it turns out looking so bad I resolve it’s the patterns fault and not mine (naturally).
BUT - I have been reformed - I just loved the baby-in-the-hood jacket so much I had to have a go...

Effort No 1 - My first attempt was for my little man who has just turned 2 - so I just crept in with the sizing as the pattern only goes up to size 24mths. For the jacket I used Rain Drops by Carolyn Gavin from the Spring Street Collection for the outer and (sorry I'm not sure of the details)aqua spot flannel for the lining, plackat and hood stripe to make it a little warmer.

Anyway...given my prolonged and severe case of ‘patternitis’ or ‘pattern-illiteracy’ (although I fully acknowledge both are starting to sound a little like excuses) I was wildly excited with the end result of this and so therefore did what ever sewer does who’s found something she is good at - I MADE MORE!

Effort No.2 was for my little nephew (7mths old), baby cord in navy on the outer with a lovely honey coloured giant spot flannel plackat and stripe and lined in more flannel in a cute sea animal print - making it really nice and warm for those cold winter days.

Doesn't he look cute sitting on the beach?

Effort No. 3 was another one for my man. Except this time I extended the jacket length by about 3 inches and also the arm length slightly (the first jacket I made was REALLY REALLY short for him and had to add an extra panel around the bottom after I finished it which you can just see in the first photo)

Again I used baby cord in navy on the outer with a cute sailor fabric i bought years ago in America for the hood strip and placket and lined in a big blue spot flannel.

Sorry its not a close up - it's hard to get a 2 year old to pose!

Note: Lovely photos by Nat - bad ones by me :)

Caity x