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Monday, 8 April 2013

Colourful Blu-Tack Pictures for Children’s Bedrooms


This project is a really cheap and easy (and non-permanent!) way to decorate your child’s bedroom! I still have my Blu-Tack Scandinavian-StyleChristmas Decorations on my wall… and the other day I thought I’d expand on that idea and create something for our son James’s room.

James is two now and so I have started to add a few ‘toddler’ things to his room, but his room is really still in the in-between stage. I am going to change it around and make a new bedcover etc for him in about 6 months’ time… but until then, I wanted to put something up that was very easy to change again!

All you’ll need for this project is a few packets of coloured Blu-Tack (which usually costs around $3 per packet). As a guide, I used a full two packets for my decorations here; Poppy used another one for hers).

There are an ENORMOUS amount of options for this project! I just did something up quickly to show what the Blu-Tack can look like. I decided to go with a train, a kite, the number two (seeing James is two, and he says that a lot!), a few letters of the alphabet, and a simple circle, square and triangle.

You could do something along the skirting board, or even something on the roof! A little boy would love an aeroplane! Even Blu-Tack bunting would look fantastic! You can create whatever your child likes at the time.

If you have trouble getting the shape right yourself, just do a google search and find something that you can copy. You can do simple shapes or detailed pictures; stick with one colour only; do large or small designs.

You could also ask your older children to make pictures for the younger one. Poppy did this car… 

and this kite… 

and this lovely little mouse for James!

James loves his pictures. He was talking about them this morning when he woke up in his cot, and I also saw him yesterday trying to put his cars into the carriages and make them stick. So cute!

Happy decorating!


Monday, 24 December 2012

Pretty Scandinavian-Style Christmas Decorations Using Blu-Tack


If you are busy putting up some last-minute Christmas decorations, then this project is for you!

I was noticing recently what a pretty colour the original Blu-Tack actually is… and then I thought that it might look good up on a white wall in the shapes of Christmas decorations!

I used Scandinavian Needlecraft by Clare Youngs again for inspiration for some designs (see more about this book in a previous post of mine).

Then I simply cracked open a packet of Blu-Tack and got shaping and sticking! (sorry about the orientation of this photo - you'd think Blogger would know it should be the other way around!)

I did a pear, a Christmas tree, a snowflake and a heart. It really was very easy. Once I had my designs worked out, the whole thing took me about 15 minutes to complete.

I can’t believe that we’re at the end of another year of Christmas projects here at thom haus handmade.

Caity and I love every minute we spend doing our projects for our blog… and we’d like to genuinely THANK YOU for continuing to read our blog, and for all your comments and other positive feedback.

We wish you all a very enjoyable Christmas.

Happy creating!