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Monday, 22 July 2013

Building Block Stamp Paintings


This project would have to be one of the SIMPLEST and EASIEST artworks I have ever done on this blog.

I wanted to create a large size, modern painting in neutral colours… but of course with minimal cost! It’s similar in technique to my Sweet Potato Stamp Painting, but takes less time. I have also used children's building blocks for stamping before - they work well!

I used MDF panels again for this project- they’re so cheap at $3.50 each from Bunnings, and they’re a very decent size (these ones shown are 60cm x 90cm each). I didn’t even worry about painting the MDF first for this project – the brown colour gives a really nice natural tone against the white. It’s just the look I was after!

The other good thing about using MDF panels is that they’re very light and easy to hang. I’m going to hang these paintings with a few of those Command picture hanger sticky strips on the back of each panel. Sorry about the orientation of this photo...

Completing this project really was quick. Firstly I selected one of my children’s building blocks for the stamp shape. I chose this block for its square end size plus its length (I wanted to easily hold it when I was doing the stamping).

I used plain old white paint – whatever you've got in the cupboard will do. Then I just started stamping straight onto the MDF and kept on until I’d finished! 

The whole project (from start to finish, getting paint out on a tray, then cleanup etc) took me 1.5 hours. Easy! As you can see, the stamping isn't perfect, bu it doesn't matter. It'll still look good when all the stamped squares sit together.

It’s a pretty nice large artwork for about $10 in total (if you include the paint).

Give this project a go! – there are endless possibilities for design and colour.

Happy painting!


Monday, 3 June 2013

Low-Cost Artwork for a Business


These paintings were completed this week for a local hairdresser. She has recently renovated her salon, and has used black, charcoal and an orange feature wall. These pictures are to hang directly behind the reception desk.

She wanted to keep the decorations as cheap as possible, so I found a way to do these large pictures for her for very little money! I thought it might be a good idea for small businesses who don’t want to spend lots of money on artwork, but want their premises to look funky!

So I used MDF! These sheets are each 90cm x 60cm, so three of them make the artwork quite large. Each of these panels only cost $3.50 each from Bunnings, which means that this whole artwork cost a total of $10.50!! I used paint that she already had (leftover) from re-painting the salon.

The most expensive part of this artwork was purchasing the Command adhesive picture hooks, which were $6.32 for a pack of 4. I purchased three packets of these.

Again, the designs are very simple, and are in a similar style to my Simple Orange Bottles Canvas and my Knife-Fork-Spoon Canvas for an Entertaining Area.

I had to do about 4 coats of the orange, as the MDF needs a few coats over it so that the colour is right.

Then I simply worked out what I was going to paint, I decided on scissors, a bottle of product and a comb. Perfect for a hairdresser!

Once the orange paint was dry, I just painted the designs on freehand. This style will always look funky – you really can’t go wrong with it, no matter what your items end up looking like!

I’m looking forward to delivering these to the hairdressing salon this week.

Happy creating!


Monday, 6 May 2013

Make a Quilt Canvas for Mother's Day


Lately I’ve been trying to use up some of my pieces of material, and I’m not letting myself buy anything new until I've used most of it up!

I’ve always liked Caity’s Children’s Paper Quilt Art Project, and wanted to build on that to make something similar for Mother’s Day using my fabric scraps. So I came up with this Quilt Canvas idea.
It really was a very simple and quick project. You also won’t need many materials.

I purchased a small-ish canvas (one with the larger sides), and used my scrap fabric, glue and paint that I already had on hand. The colour of the paint is Dulux Red Alert.

The whole project took about an hour to complete.

Firstly I cut up some small squares of all the fabric that I wanted to use.

Then I squeezed out heaps of glue and spread it out with my finger all over the area where I wanted to place my squares.

Then I simply stuck each one on! I was careful to ensure the design is balanced.

I finished the design by painting the sides of the canvas, which has added extra colour without being “too much”. The Quilt Picture is quite busy, so if you try something like this yourself, make sure that you leave enough space around the fabric for the picture to breathe.

Happy crafting for Mother’s Day!


Monday, 19 November 2012

Packing Tape Picture for Christmas


This artwork would have to be one of the quickest and easiest projects I’ve ever done - no painting or any particular skill required! It looks so modern and funky up on the wall.

I was trying to come up with ideas for cheap, original and easy to make Christmas presents the other day while I was in K-Mart… I saw the packing tape for $5 and then had the idea to make some artwork with it. 

This project is so simple that children could make it as their present to give away too.

I purchased a medium-sized canvas from a bargain shop for about $15. This design would also work really well on a large canvas.  I left the canvas as it is (white).

Then I got out my packing tape and started wrapping it around the canvas. Don’t worry about doing any sort of design, just wrap it around randomly and do lots of layers. I started with red, then yellow, then green, then blue, then black (as the first layer). Then I completed the picture by using the green, yellow and red again for the top layers, in order to give it a ‘lighter’ look.

Once I’d finished I cut a hole in the back with scissors so that I could hang it up!

So easy! Someone would love getting this for Christmas I’m sure.

Happy making!