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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Simple Fairy Light Wreath

Craft/Home Decorating:

This fairy light wreath has to be one of the simplest ways you can brighten up your house for Christmas and it cost me nothing to make - that's right I already had the 3 things you will need and I'm sure you will too: 

1. Fairy lights
2. Cardboard (mine came from a fruit box I got for free at the local fruit and veg shop)
3. Ribbon (long enough to hang the wreath)

To make this wreath all I did was cut out a circle from the cardboard (as large as I could make it using a plate as a template).

Next just start wrapping around the fairy lights starting at the end closest to the plug and wrap all the way around evenly until you have used up all the lights. 

Finally tie a ribbon at the top of the wreath with a big bow and hang. So pretty and something a little different to the traditional green leafy Christmas wreaths.

Happy crafting. 

Caity x

Monday, 24 October 2011

Two Low-Cost and Easy-to-Make Christmas Wreaths


We've started our Christmas projects now so that we can get them all done in time! (it is November next week!)

I wanted to try and create some Christmas decorations that can be made at home easily, cheaply, quickly... and use materials that can be accessed anywhere.

So here's my first Christmas Wreath:Isn't it pretty? I made it out of cardboard, which I took from the side of a throw-away box, and these mini cupcake papers, which cost me about $1.20. Front on (and on a background of white), these cupcake papers have lovely pastel colours.

I used two plates (one large, one small) to draw the wreaths, and then I cut them out using a serrated knife (it was quicker than using scissors).

Then I painted both wreaths, using white for one, and charcoal for the other. I glued each cup cake paper on using craft glue.

A close-up photo of my first wreath:

... and here's my second wreath, which I made more in the style of a Christmas bauble!

After I painted this one, I used cloth sticky tape to attach some material to the back, and then made a hole in the top and made a tie with some jute string. It looks really nice hanging on my wall!

Happy making!