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Monday, 1 July 2013

Quick Makeover for a Child’s Jumper


(Sorry about the orientation of this photo! Blogger has decided yet again how my photos should appear!) You get the idea though!

This weekend we were very excited to have a 5th birthday party of one of Poppy’s lovely little friends. There are so many beautiful “little girl” things around to purchase, but I wanted to give her something useful and practical. I also didn’t have much time this week so it had to be quick!

So I purchased two size 5 sloppy joe jumpers from Target, and gave them an easy makeover by sewing on some “dots” of pretty material.

This project was very, very simple. Firstly I cut out two round shapes from my selected materials and gave them a quick iron.

Then I ironed down a little seam. 

I pinned the material dots onto the jumpers in the position that I wanted them. 

And then it was a quick matter of sewing around them! It doesn't even matter if your sewing isn’t perfect – the messy look just adds to the appearance of the jumpers.

The only problem was that the little girl I gave them to said “no, they’re too big”. !! She’ll love them though I’m sure!

Happy sewing!


Monday, 17 June 2013

Decorate Children’s Clothes with a Laundry-Marker


We recently went to a lovely children’s party where the children all got to decorate t-shirts with fabric paint. My daughter Poppy just loved hers, but decided that she wanted to “add more things” to her t-shirt once we’d returned home.

I was wondering how to easily to this – I don’t have any fabric paint at home – so I thought about using a laundry marker. So easy! I’d purchased one recently in order to name Poppy’s clothes for school.

So for my project this week, I asked Poppy to draw a few things on t-shirts for me! This sort of thing would be such a quick and easy (and lovely!) birthday gift for another child. You can probably also buy coloured permanent fabric markers, I just didn't get to any shops this week!

You could also easily use fleecy-lined jumpers for this project, and they would be a bit more suitable for winter than t-shirts!  I only had t-shirts in my cupboard though.

Actually, come to think of it, some little ‘cars’ driving up a ‘road’ drawn onto the leg of a pair of grey tracksuit pants for a little boy would be SO cute too!

These textas are totally permanent too! I've washed Poppy’s shirt from the party heaps of times and the drawings are here to stay!

Happy drawing!


Monday, 6 August 2012

Sew Away the Skateheads and Surfies on Children’s Clothes


I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like all the “streetwear” stuff that’s often all over children’s clothes. It can be very hard to find clothing for older children without it, especially if you’re shopping on a budget (as I always am!)

After doing some clothes shopping at BigW the other day, it occurred to me that I should choose items that had designs on them that I could easily cover up, or “sew away”!

This jumper was one such item. It’s a lovely colour, and a simple circle sewn onto the front was sufficient to rid the jumper of its “streetwear” look.

I simply measured and cut the material for the circular patch using a bowl.

Then I ironed in the edges of the circle and pinned it onto the jumper.

Then I sewed it! And that was it! Now the jumper has a totally different look and I would be quite happy to see my children in it!

Happy sewing!