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Monday, 29 July 2013

Decorate The Dunny!

Home Decorating:

OK, I know it seems a little strange to be decorating my loo (!), but this looks really nice in my children’s bathroom! As you all know, I’m very keen about low cost makeovers, and it occurred to me the other day that another very low cost way of changing the look of your bathroom is to give your toilet a makeover! There are also so many really ugly toilet seats around (think lace, glitter and swimming dolphins), so I wanted to do something that was a bit more funky and modern.

This project could be especially nice if your toilet is in a room of its own, and the room is otherwise unable to be decorated much. In my case, the toilet in my children’s bathroom is in the smack-bang-centre of the room and therefore is the main focus of the room!

Of course these photos are more about the concept rather than the finished product. There are SO many options with this project! Whatever you wanted to put on there, really! You just need to be able to still sit on it and clean it! I also tried adding more material onto the toilet seat for a different look too. 

If you wanted to try something like this in YOUR bathroom, all you’ll need is some fabric or paper, scissors and some contact.

Firstly, give the toilet a quick clean!! Then trace the area of the toilet that you want to stick something onto. I traced straight onto the back of the contact. Then I cut the shape out.

Cut out the shape of the material or paper that you’d like to use. Just make sure that you’re going to have enough contact around the edge of your shape to keep it stuck firmly on. 

I then gave my material a quick iron. 

It was then a simple matter of sticking the material onto the contact, 

and then sticking it onto the lid of the loo. 

It’s still very easy to clean, and you can just rip it off and chuck it out when you’re sick of it!

It's just for fun! Enjoy your decorating!


Monday, 15 April 2013

Ideas for Sneaking Some More Storage into Your Home

Home Decorating:

This week I had a couple of hours free so I decided to re-arrange my living room (it was raining and I’d finished all my other jobs)! Part of the re-arranging involved finding some more space for storage for my children’s toys and games. I managed to sneak in some more storage under a wooden bench using a couple of spare baskets.

Then I thought I’d do a quick tour through my house to show you all the spots where I managed to sneak in some extra storage… hopefully it may give you a few ideas for your own home, especially if you’re having trouble managing all your stuff!

In my kitchen, I have used some large baskets in my open shelves, which allow me to neatly and easily store bits and pieces like Tupperware.

I managed to find a microwave skinny enough to sit in the shelf above my fridge, to free up my bench space.

I have used the door of my bin cupboard as a display area for children’s artwork. I simply use pegs and blu-tack to put them up – that way the pictures themselves don’t get worn from having blu-tack stuck on them.

I had a large wall at the end of my kitchen, so I put some shelving from IKEA right along the wall. This storage is fantastic and the glass doors make me keep everything neat!

I also have a large hook just for my handbag so that it has somewhere to go when I come in the door!

My living room has another wall of IKEA shelving, for all my books and things.

This room also has our custom-built shelving next to the fireplace. It was built into an unused corner of the room.

And I can’t claim the credit for this excellent wood storage area which sits right next to the wood heater (and is very cleverly accessed from the outside of the house)… it was here when we came!

The shelves in Poppy’s room were built (by the builder) into the recess of the wall.

I have also recently re-organised her clothes and toys in her cupboard so that she can easily get them out and put them back herself.

In James’s room, I have purchased a couple of baskets that sit immediately under his cot and I also use his change table as a shelf for his toys.

In my bathroom, I installed a couple of small floating shelves which fitted perfectly into a difficult corner. I also used an old cup hook underneath the shelves to hang up some of my frequently-worn jewellery.

Outside the house, I also have a couple of places where I’ve been able to find more storage space. I purchased these fantastic hessian-lined baskets on wheels to keep all the sandpit toys in.

This is a dresser that we have on the verandah. It has quite a bit of space either end of it, so I put in a wine rack-box I had and have filled it with stuff that I use all the time, like gardening gloves and a couple of tools.

I also had this cupboard built by our builder – it fits neatly in the space next to the chimney and allows me to store all sorts of things!

And of course, don’t forget the vacuum bags for the linen cupboard! I have recently been using one bag per item (eg. one blanket per bag) as it’s much easier to open only one bag for one item when you have to use them.

I have also featured some of these rooms before in previous posts. You may like to take a quick look at some of them! My kitchen, living room and office.

Happy sorting and decorating!


Monday, 1 October 2012

Cute Little Curtain-Rod-End Clown

Creative Ideas:

This is another of my projects that use second-hand curtain fittings to make new decorative items for my home. I’ve previously done two others (See my Curtain Ring Art Piece and Fish Wall Hanging pictures)… and they’ve all been made out of the one bag of old curtain fittings that cost $3 from an Op Shop!

This little clown is just lovely, and he has lots of potential uses! He’s easy to put onto anything as he can be easily screwed in using his current fitting.

Just a few uses for my little clown head that I thought of were:

  • Put four of them into the corners of a child’s cot or a child’s bed – one for each corner
  • Put two of them at the back of a child’s chair – again, one in each corner
  • Use him for his intended purpose – as the end of a curtain rod! It would be lovely in a child’s bedroom or playroom
  • Put him on top of a little wooden box and you’ll have a lovely looking (but not functioning!)  Jack-in-the-Box
He was also very easy to make. Firstly, I worked out which sections I was going to paint and decorate (i.e. which bit was his hat etc), and then I searched the internet for some example ‘retro clown’ faces. I had a really quick go at drawing a few on a piece of paper first.

Then I chose my paint colours. I decided to use softer tones, rather than strong ones, to give the clown a friendlier look. I only used four colours: grey, white, yellow and red. I also decided to do a face on each side of the curtain end.

After painting the clown, I allowed it time to dry before adding
the facial details with a black permanent marker.

Happy making!


Monday, 21 May 2012

Decorating and Storage Ideas for a Little Girl’s Room

Home Decorating:

I recently refreshed the decorating in my daughter Poppy’s room to reflect the age she’s at and the interests she has at the moment. It was so much fun! Luckily Poppy is pretty casual and let me change lots of things around!

We needed some more storage in her room for things like soft toys, dolls’ clothes, lego etc, so I purchased some large white baskets from Freedom and put them under her bed.  I did have a builder custom fit some floor to ceiling shelving in a corner, so that also gives me lots of room for storage and display.

I wanted to do a picture display of a few things too: embroidery that was given to Poppy, an old longstitch (remember that!) of mine from when I was little, some Brambly Hedge pictures I had bought years ago, and some other nice pictures I had made from material and Kath Kidston writing paper. In her room I have also used a cross stitch that my mother made for me.

I hung them above her bed and barbie house, which doubles as a bedside table. In the photo below you can also see the little travel doll and bed that I made for Poppy.

Poppy likes to also put her own pictures up on the wall (i.e. the pictures that she particularly likes), so I made a corner where she can do that. We just use a bit of blu-tak and some pegs to hang her things. It's also her dolly corner... and you can see the doll's cradle that I made for her in this photo below.

Some of the things that have a tendency to be messy and fiddly, hair stuff, jewellery etc, I put into IKEA jars. I also put up an elf hanger that I bought years ago for her to hang some jewellery on.

I also painted an old chair and a decorative bird for the large shelf in the same pink that her barbie house is painted so that everything is linked colour-wise.

This chair gets moved around quite a bit but is mostly used for us to sit on when we're reading stories to Poppy at night. I also made some pictures to go above the chair - they are IKEA frames and I've put wrapping paper inside them.

I've used two quilts on Poppy's bed and their patterns work together very nicely. I didn't make either of the quilts! One was made as a wedding present for us by the mother of a very good friend, and the other was made by another friend for Poppy’s birthday last year.

We are very happy with how nice it all looks! Poppy loves her room too.

... And this is what Poppy’s room usually looks like when I haven’t tidied it up for photos!!

Happy decorating!


Monday, 18 July 2011

Personalise the Door to your Child's Room

Home Decorating:

Here's a suggestion to (tastefully!) personalise the door to your child's room. Purchase a large white letter to match their names and stick it up with blu-tac! The white keeps it unobtrusive and looking nice... yet children feel very important with their favourite letter on their door!

In my case, my letters are 'P' for Poppy and 'J' for James!

Happy decorating!