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Monday, 11 February 2013

An Idea For A Children’s Swing

Home Decorating:

This is an idea that I had recently for the location of my children’s swing. We do have one of those coloured swing sets that we purchased, but it’s wearing out quickly and it certainly does not look beautiful nor merge in with the garden environment! (Those are my birdcages that you can also see hanging from the tree in the photo above too by the way!)

There’s an area of our garden that I wanted to try and use a bit more, but the native trees that are there stop anything from growing too much or looking very good. So I thought I’d use those trees to my advantage and put my children’s swing in the middle of them!

I didn’t actually put the swing up myself! Our very clever builder did all that for us.

He attached a treated pine log to both trees, and then attached the swing kit that he had purchased from Bunnings to it.

He already had the nice bit of hardwood for the seat (a leftover bit of wood at his home), and we simply painted it in the same stuff that we used for our verandah and deck. 

The swing works beautifully and gets lots of use.

Enjoy your decorating!