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Monday, 24 December 2012

Pretty Scandinavian-Style Christmas Decorations Using Blu-Tack


If you are busy putting up some last-minute Christmas decorations, then this project is for you!

I was noticing recently what a pretty colour the original Blu-Tack actually is… and then I thought that it might look good up on a white wall in the shapes of Christmas decorations!

I used Scandinavian Needlecraft by Clare Youngs again for inspiration for some designs (see more about this book in a previous post of mine).

Then I simply cracked open a packet of Blu-Tack and got shaping and sticking! (sorry about the orientation of this photo - you'd think Blogger would know it should be the other way around!)

I did a pear, a Christmas tree, a snowflake and a heart. It really was very easy. Once I had my designs worked out, the whole thing took me about 15 minutes to complete.

I can’t believe that we’re at the end of another year of Christmas projects here at thom haus handmade.

Caity and I love every minute we spend doing our projects for our blog… and we’d like to genuinely THANK YOU for continuing to read our blog, and for all your comments and other positive feedback.

We wish you all a very enjoyable Christmas.

Happy creating!


Monday, 12 November 2012

Christmas Medicine-Bottle Vases


I spend a lot of my time at my kitchen sink, as I’m sure all of you do! While I was there the other day, I was thinking that it would be nice to have a small-scale Christmas decoration to put on the window right in front of my sink, so that I’d see it all day!

I usually have a small geranium cutting in an old-fashioned glass bottle sitting on my window in the kitchen… so I thought I’d work with that theme and I came up with these Christmas Medicine-Bottle Vases!

This project was very easy and relatively quick too. Firstly I chose three sizes from my collection of medicine bottles that I have been saving for some time. I’m concerned that soon all medicine will come in plastic bottles so I’m keeping all the glass I can get my hands on!

Then I painted each of the bottles a different colour. I just used leftover house paint colours that I already had. The white is Dulux Natural White, the brown is Dulux Rolling Pebble and the red is a Haymes paint called Geranium.

I didn’t worry about any undercoats or anything on the bottles – I just did about four coats on each.

I discovered that it is very easy to rest something on non-stick baking paper, especially when you have to paint the top and bottom of something.

Then I chose something to paint on them. I wanted them to look a bit Scandinavian, so I used some designs out of this book: Scandinavian Needlecraft by Clare Youngs.

It’s a lovely book and continues to give me loads of ideas… and I’ve not sewed anything out of it yet! I ended up painting a tree, wreath and snowflake design on my bottles.

Then, once the bottles were completely dry,  I filled them with water and put a sprig of box hedge in each to complete the Christmas look. And now it’s very nice to see them 470 times a day when I’m at my kitchen sink!

Of course you could put these vases anywhere you wanted – they don’t have to go on a window sill. They look lovely next to a bed too. And you could do them in any colour, any design… there are lots of options.

Last year I made another Christmas decoration that is ideal for use in a small space – you may like to check it out - it’s my really easy Mini Christmas Mobile.

Happy making!


Monday, 21 November 2011

Christmas Wrapping Paper Bunting

Craft/Home Decorating:

This project was really quick and easy, and it looks fantastic for a Christmas decoration! Of course, you could also make a Christmas bunting out of material(see my No-Sew Bunting), but this wrapping-paper bunting is cheaper to make, and Christmas wrapping paper is easy to find... it’s everywhere! (including at the supermarket)

What you’ll need for this project:
- Christmas wrapping paper
- Cotton string (jute doesn’t sit as well for this project)
- Stapler (and staples!)
- Scissors
- Cardboard
- Pen

First I drew up a template for the flags (see below for an example), cut out the exact shape in cardboard and used it to trace the flags on to the paper. Then I simply cut out the paper flags, folded them, and stapled each one to my cotton string. And then it was done!

The flags from the front and the back

 And the Christmas Wrapping Paper Bunting was so easy that my four year old daughter made one for herself too!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Two Low-Cost and Easy-to-Make Christmas Wreaths


We've started our Christmas projects now so that we can get them all done in time! (it is November next week!)

I wanted to try and create some Christmas decorations that can be made at home easily, cheaply, quickly... and use materials that can be accessed anywhere.

So here's my first Christmas Wreath:Isn't it pretty? I made it out of cardboard, which I took from the side of a throw-away box, and these mini cupcake papers, which cost me about $1.20. Front on (and on a background of white), these cupcake papers have lovely pastel colours.

I used two plates (one large, one small) to draw the wreaths, and then I cut them out using a serrated knife (it was quicker than using scissors).

Then I painted both wreaths, using white for one, and charcoal for the other. I glued each cup cake paper on using craft glue.

A close-up photo of my first wreath:

... and here's my second wreath, which I made more in the style of a Christmas bauble!

After I painted this one, I used cloth sticky tape to attach some material to the back, and then made a hole in the top and made a tie with some jute string. It looks really nice hanging on my wall!

Happy making!