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Monday, 10 June 2013

Easy-Sew Plaited Fabric Scarf


This week I was flicking through a lovely book that my mother gave my daughter Poppy for her recent birthday. It’s called Little Things for Busy Hands by Katie Evans. In it is a ‘Little Mat’ sewing project. 

I love the look of those plaited mats, and it gave me the idea to make a scarf in the same way. I also thought that a belt or bangle would look fantastic too, but unfortunately I ran out of time for that this week!

As with all my projects… this was very simple to do! The only time-consuming part is sewing the plaits together. No sewing ability is required though! My sewing is pretty rough as you’ll see, but it just seems to take lots of thread and can be a bit slow. I did my sewing on and off over a couple of days. I just kept it near my kitchen bench and did bits when possible in between the washing up, cooking etc.

All you’ll need for this project is some material (you can use scraps), scissors, a needle and thread.

Firstly, cut some strips out of your material. For my scarf here, my strips measured about 135cm each in length, and a couple of centimetres wide. I cut enough strips for 5 plaits.

Once you’ve got your strips, tie them together at one end and start plaiting! 

Plait down to the other end and then tie off again. 

I didn’t plait tightly, but it’s not loose either. I know that sounds a bit vague but you’ll know what I mean if you give this project a go!

Then it’s a simple matter of sewing each of the plaits together. Don’t worry if your sewing is rough, it all adds to the nice rustic look of the scarf!

I thought that this project would also be lovely if you used three strips of different material. I have some pretty floral ones here and I thought I’d make a scarf for my daughter Poppy, seeing as it was HER book that gave me the idea!

I hope that you enjoy this project if you decide to try it out.

Happy making!


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Pretty Summer Tops to Sew


Well summer is officially over now - but here in Queensland we are lucky enough to be able to wear summer clothes for another couple months yet.

I found this cute pattern recently - it's a free pattern and really simple to make.

The only part I struggled with was the bias binding - I just never seem to get it quite right! but I think I did 'ok' here....I just used some lightweight voile I picked up recently at Spotlight for about $12m. 

I also made a simple shoulder tie top for myself - this top took about half and hour. I just made up the pattern myself - but there are plenty of free online patterns you can follow - just look up 'pillow case top' or 'simple top to sew'.

Well I better get out there and enjoy the last of the warm days here!