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Monday, 26 August 2013

Photocopy Your Fabric for Endless Decorating Options


This week my daughter Poppy and I had a bit of a tidy-up and a rearrange of her bedroom. We put things away, packed up clothes that were too small, changed furniture around… all fun things!

I couldn't resist buying this really pretty doona set from Ezibuy for Poppy's room. I liked the floral side, rather than the stripey one. It's one of the prettiest ones I've seen lately.

I wanted to cheaply make a couple of pictures to co-ordinate with Poppy’s new doona cover, so I purchased two white frames from Kmart. I can't remember how much they were - a few dollars each.

I have (in a previous post)painted a copy of some fabric onto a canvas, but this time I wanted to do something that was a bit more quick and easy.

I didn't really want to cut up the pillowcase, so I had to think of another way to quickly get the same look as the material on the doona cover.

So I stuck the pillowcase into my printer/photocopier and photocopied it! 

It turned out really nicely.

I did put a wad of A4 paper into the pillowcase before I photocopied it, just so the colours wouldn't be affected by the material on the other side of the pillowcase coming through on the photocopier.

Then it was a simple matter of cutting the pieces of paper to size, and putting them into the frames. 

I also removed the stand from the back of the frames, just so that the frames would sit properly on the wall.

This project opens up ENDLESS ideas for decorating options. You might have lots of things that you like the pattern of, but don’t really want to cut up. For example, a tablecloth, a skirt or a cushion cover that you have purchased. Just put it in the photocopier and see how it turns out!

You could make more framed artwork with your photocopies, or maybe some bunting, or maybe even get some of your paper laminated to put around your home (like at the back of a cabinet with blue-tac for some colour in the shelves).

Enjoy your week, and I hope you manage to fit in a creative project of your own!

Happy photocopying!


Monday, 13 August 2012

Large and Small Letters for Children’s Bedrooms


I love putting together presents for new little babies! For this little girl, I wanted to send some letters to put up in her bedroom on the wall, or on her bedroom door.

I have done quite a few posts before about lettering for children’s rooms, (see my lettering ideas for doors, mobiles and toys) but this time I wanted to do something a little different.
So I purchased some large and small wooden letters from Spotlight and used them together in the same name. I think it gives the name a nice disorderly-but-balanced look!

Note that for some very annoying reason, Blogger keeps deciding that the orientation of this photo should be this way, which is of course the wrong way! Aaarrrrgggghhh!! But it gives you an idea of what the letters look like!
I simply painted each letter in a different colour and I used colours that came straight out of the tubes. I purchased Reeves acrylic paint and the colours I used were: rose red, pale powder blue and lime yellow… and don’t they look lovely together?

The letters can be attached to the wall or door with blu-tac. Easy!

Happy making!


Monday, 16 April 2012

Soft Toy Alphabet Letters for a Child's Bedroom


This project came about after I was trying to think of something different to make as a present for a new baby. I love the wooden letters that you can buy as the first letter of the child's name... so I thought that something that was also soft that they could play with would be good.

The letters are designed to sit as a cushion on the child's bed on in their cot. In my case, I made these two letters for a friend who had twin girls, Arabella and Julia.

First I roughly drew my alphabet letters on a piece of baking paper.

Then I pinned them on to the material. I used different pieces of material for each side of the letter.

Then I had to work out a way to do the middle of the A, as the letter of course has to be stuffed with filler. I ended up ironing in all the seams of both letters, and then pinning them together and sewing them that way.

And I'm sure the little girls are going to enjoy bashing eachother over the head with their letters once they're up to pillow fights!

Happy making!


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