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Monday, 25 March 2013

Giant Fabric-Maché Easter Eggs


This week I thought I’d make something for Easter, as it’s actually only a few days away!

These Giant Fabric Easter Eggs were REALLY easy-to-make (and quick too). They look nice either in a bowl, as I have mine or hanging up as a group. 

You may also like to check out my Easter project from last year too, my Pretty-in-Pastels Easter Egg Mobile.

The materials you’ll need for this project are: some balloons…

...some fabric cut into strips (I used leftovers)…

...and some craft glue. You’ll need to add some water to the craft glue so that it is easy to spread over the balloon with your fingers. Not quite sure why I took a photo of two bottles of glue, by the way!

Firstly, I blew up a few balloons. Then I smothered them with the craft glue, and started placing my fabric strips around the balloons. My five year old daughter Poppy did her own one too.

I found that not too many fabric strips work the best once the balloon has been popped inside and you’re left with the shape. So don’t load up your balloon too much with fabric strips!

After I stuck all my fabric strips onto my balloons, I smeared some more glue over the fabric on the balloons, and then sat them in little foil trays to dry.

I left them to try overnight before popping the balloons inside the eggs.

And that was it!! The photos (see above) of the eggs in a bowl are before the balloon was popped, and the photo of the eggs on the wooden floor are after the balloon was popped. You can see that the shape holds nicely.

We had quite a few leftover strips of fabric, so Poppy made this lovely jellyfish which we have hung from the fan in the kitchen.

Happy crafting this Easter!


Monday, 2 April 2012

Pretty-in-Pastels Easter Egg Mobile


I wanted to make something crafty for Easter that wasn’t too over-the-top on an Easter theme. This Pretty-in-Pastels Easter Egg Mobile was what I came up with!

The only materials you’ll need for this project are:
- Cardboard (I used the side of a cardboard box)
- Material scraps (I used pastel colours)
- Spray glue
- Craft glue
- String
- Sticky tape (something hardy)
… and of course, a pencil and some scissors.

First I drew some Easter egg shapes in a variety of sizes. Don’t worry about being too correct with these shapes – it adds more character to the mobile if your egg shape is not perfect! Then I cut them out.

Because this design is a double-sided mobile, you’ll need to trace each of the eggs you just cut out and cut them out again so that you have two. A double-sided mobile will allow you to hang it somewhere where it can turn around.

After you’ve got all your pairs of eggs together, spray your material with spray glue and stick the eggs on. I made sure that I had each side of the egg in a different material. Then I cut around each egg, and stuck the sides up.

If your spray glue doesn’t stick too well…. give it a few minutes after you’ve sprayed it on to the material and you’ll find that it will stick properly.

Then I lined up my eggs in pairs and worked out what I thought should go where. I placed my string through the middle and sticky-taped it down to one side of the eggs. Doing this makes everything sit better when the mobile’s hanging.

Then I put craft glue on the other side of the eggs, and stuck them on. I put my mobile on our table and put heaps of books over it so that the sides of the eggs ended up as close to eachother as possible.

After allowing it to dry for a few hours, I then found somewhere to hang up my lovely Easter mobile! It even looks good enough to keep up ALL the time!

Happy making (and Happy Easter)!