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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Simple Paper Flag Bunting


My pre-spring clean continues this week. Last week I found an old mirror that I quickly updated with a coat of paint - this week I dug up a bag of left over card I had from a project that just didn't turn out how I hoped (so I shelved it).

Anyway, I'm always looking for ways to brighten up my home. I'm waiting to start renovating so anything that feels like a little step towards my new home is welcome!

This is a really simple project and will reflect Em and my ongoing love of bunting - in a million ways!

For this project you will need:

  • various colours of cardboard (or paper sheets would work just as well)
  • glue
  • string, wool, or ribbon
  • scissors
Simply cut the card into 1 inch wide strips and approximately 5 inches in length. 

Next fold each strip length ways.

Freehand cut a triangle out of each end of the card.

Cut a length of your chosen string, wool or ribbon.

Sit each folded card over the string and secure with a dab of glue (I weighted mine down overnight just to make sure they stuck).

Hang your bunting along a wall, over a mirror or across a window for some excitement!

Happy crafting!


Monday, 28 May 2012

Simple Bunting Made out of Paint Sample-Colour Cards


This little project was really quick and easy and looks so good! I still love the look of bunting and have made quite a few before! See my Christmas Wrapping Paper Bunting and my No-Sew Bunting for a Party or Child's Room. Caity's Bunting Cards are lovely too.

For this project, however, I firstly collected about 10 paint sample cards from Bunnings. I used different whites for this project, as I wanted something plain, but you could use any colours and any combination.

The only other things you'll need are: some cardboard for tracing, scissors, a pencil, some good sticky tape and some jute string (or whatever material you want to use).

Then I made a template for the flag - I always find it easier to do this and it makes it quicker for tracing. I just drew a flag by hand roughly the size I wanted on an old bit of cardboard and then cut it out.

Make sure you trace your flag onto the back of your paint sample colour sample card. That way there won't be any pencil marks on the front!

Then line up your cards and string, and sticky tape them all together.

And then your paint sample-colour card bunting is finished!

I find that an easy and temporary way to tie your bunting up is by using good old pegs and blu-tac.  

And there are so many places that you can put your bunting! Outside (undercover of course!)... in your kitchen above your sink... over your bed... mine is currently above my nice old kitchen hutch.

Happy Making!


Monday, 21 November 2011

Christmas Wrapping Paper Bunting

Craft/Home Decorating:

This project was really quick and easy, and it looks fantastic for a Christmas decoration! Of course, you could also make a Christmas bunting out of material(see my No-Sew Bunting), but this wrapping-paper bunting is cheaper to make, and Christmas wrapping paper is easy to find... it’s everywhere! (including at the supermarket)

What you’ll need for this project:
- Christmas wrapping paper
- Cotton string (jute doesn’t sit as well for this project)
- Stapler (and staples!)
- Scissors
- Cardboard
- Pen

First I drew up a template for the flags (see below for an example), cut out the exact shape in cardboard and used it to trace the flags on to the paper. Then I simply cut out the paper flags, folded them, and stapled each one to my cotton string. And then it was done!

The flags from the front and the back

 And the Christmas Wrapping Paper Bunting was so easy that my four year old daughter made one for herself too!