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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Updating a Guest Bedroom

Home Decorating:

We have great friends coming to visit this weekend. It inspired me to get cracking on redecorating my guest bedroom. The room is pretty simple. A bed. A desk (needs to double as my study). A couple of old stools I use as bedside tables. Lamps. Comfy chair.

So I needed to brighten it up without adding too much more 'stuff'. It was a great way to use my collection of Enid Blyton books. I added a fern and a small pot of ground cover. 

I focused mainly on the desk and wall behind it. First I hung some cute prints I'd bought on etsy about a year ago - they are of each of my favourite cities - London, San Fransisco, New York and Paris.

The frames are from Ikea - just $14 each which is great value.

I also relocated my aqua chair to pick up the blue in the prints. Sitting on the chair is the family of birds cushion

The room feels so much brighter and welcoming for friends now - inspires me to get a few more projects done around the home.

Happy home decorating!

Caity x

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Scrappy String Block Oven Mitt (and other simple gifts to make)

Sewing/Home Decorating:

Just finishing up the last of my Christmas sewing now. Though with 6 days to go I still have 1/2 my modern Christmas tree quilt to get finished!!! :0

Anyway, I got a couple of little gift done today. I made this simple oven mitt using some string blocks I made a few months ago. 

I played around with the layout of the blocks trying to decide which one I liked best.. mmm this one's good..

but I like this option too..

and this was pretty cool too...

I lined it with special heat proof wadding to ensure no one gets their fingers burnt and did some very close machine quilting before binding it in a matching red stripe! Love it... might make another one for my pending new kitchen!

I also made a couple other quick gifts - firstly, a cute scented pillow. I used a hot pink painted heart I made back here and did a little running stitch around the outside before stuffing it with toy stuffing and a couple sprigs of rosemary from my garden. 

Rosemary is a great alternative to lavender if you want to try it - it's supposed to help with headaches, improve mental alertness and ease muscle aches and pains....personally I just love the smell! 

And some covered coat hangers similar to those I made back here.

Well this is my last post before Christmas -  I hope you have got lots of sewing done and wishing you a lovely Christmas with those you love.

Caity x

Monday, 16 January 2012

Really Easy Bedroom Makeover using Colour

Home Decorating:

Over the weekend I decided to change the colour scheme in my bedroom to green. As I have the walls, ceiling and bedcover etc white, it's very easy to quickly change the look of the bedroom with a couple of items.

So I painted a large canvas green (there is no design on it, it's just plain green), and sewed a cushion using some funky material I found in Spotlight recently. Then I added a potted geranium which finishes off the green look nicely!

It was a very cheap and easy makeover!


Monday, 12 December 2011

Cheap Decorating for a White Christmas

Home Decorating:

These run-of-the-mill empty wine bottles look fantastic painted white and placed together on display. I used an undercoat and then a semi-gloss topcoat for the painting (both were water-based).

I thought they'd be lovely as part of a white Christmas themed home, or maybe somehow as a simple table centrepiece. You could also use them as a base for a small rustic Christmas tree using sticks.

The only thing to remember when painting wine bottles is to make sure you paint inside the rim at the top a bit. Otherwise you won't end up with the same look!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas Present Ideas For Under $3!

Home Decorating:

Recently I had a few quick minutes to browse through a bargain shop for gift ideas for Christmas... and I came up with quite a few nice present options. Here are three of them below!

This tea towel would be really striking put into a frame (see my Tea Towel Pictures from earlier this year), or simply hung up on a wall in the kitchen using blu-tac and pegs. This tea towel cost me $2.
These pretty pastel plates would be a lovely gift on their own, or they could be hung up on a wall as a set of four or more. These plates were on sale and cost me $0.70 each.

This little black-bird (or birds, if you bought lots of them!) again would be a lovely gift on its own, or it could be painted a block colour, decorated with a pattern, or you could spray glue some fabric onto it.... endless options! This bird cost me $1.

And there were loads more possibilities for cheap Christmas presents in the bargain shops!

Happy bargain shopping!


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tips for Updating a Room using Paint

Home Decorating:

Recently I posted some photos of a part of my living room in Shelving Ideas for a Small Corner for Storage and Display. I thought I'd elaborate on my information a bit by detailing how I used paint to update my living room!

For the Bricks
If you have exposed bricks in your house (as I did), you can certainly paint over them! Here's what I did:

1. Gave them a bit of a scrub (I didn't try that hard!) with sugarsoap and water. I just used a dishwashing brush.

2. Painted two coats of undercoat. The paint that I use and like is Dulux. I used the Dulux 1 Step Prepcoat Undercoat, Sealer and Primer in White. This took a bit of time because I made sure I covered all the bricks. I ended up loading up my brush well, and then sort of 'stabbing' the bricks. I found that two coats of the undercoat sealed the bricks really well and stopped any brick colour from seeping through.

3. Once the undercoat had dried, I filled in any obvious holes in the bricks with white acrylic gap sealer.

4. I then did one topcoat using Dulux Aquanamel in White. This is a really good, hardy paint (washes up in water too!) and it doesn't go yellow at all. I also did a coat of Dulux High Gloss Enamel over the part of the bricks that get the most exposure to dust etc from the fire (i.e. down the bottom).

Here's a close up photo of the finished bricks

For the Light Fittings
It's much cheaper to paint over the top of these than get new ones! (unless they're REALLY ugly of course!)Here's what I did for these:

1. Gave them a wipe over with sugarsoap and water

2. Painted two coats of undercoat again using the Dulux 1 Step Prepcoat Undercoat, Sealer and Primer in White.

3. Painted TWO topcoats of Dulux Aquanamel in White. The two coats just ensured that the light fittings ended up looking really white!

Here's a close up of the finished light fittings

For the Walls and the Ceiling
1. Gave them a good wipe over with sugarsoap and water

2. Filled in any gaps with gapsealer. This is a bit of a pain but every gap you fill is so worth it! It will look much better in the end.

3. Did two coats of undercoat using the Dulux 1 Step Prepcoat Primer Sealer and Undercoat in white. The wood really needed two undercoats to seal it properly. I also used a brush for this as I got better coverage with it.

4. Then I used Dulux Wash n Wear Premium Acrylic Flat in white, and did two coats of this. Again, the wood really needed the two coats of the topcoat, just to get the right 'white' look. Again, I did this job with a brush.

The only other painting tips I can offer are:
1. Buy good quality brushes!! Also, don't think that by buying a bigger brush it will take less time. Your arm will get so sore from using the big brushes... I sugggest a medium sized one!

2. If you're using the big 10 litre tins of paint.... buy a paint tin opener! An old chisel will only get you so far, and you'll end up wrecking the lids. Wrecked lids are a real pain if you're having to open and shut the tin alot.

3. If you are having to stop and start painting a bit (I painted my house with a toddler, for example!), wrap your paintbrush in cling film (when you've been using it and it has paint on). It will keep in the cling film easily for up to a week. Much easier than trying to wash the brushes out all the time and wait for them to dry!

Happy painting!


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Shelving Ideas for a Small Corner for Storage and Display

Home Decorating: 

This is a corner in my living room which was difficult to fit anything into!

I needed space for my telly etc, space for display, and space for children's toys. These are the 'before' and 'after' photos!

I used laminated wood for both the mantlepiece and the shelves... (the cheapest solution I could come up with), bought baskets from IKEA, and now there's loads of room!

Happy decorating!


Sunday, 10 April 2011

A low cost bathroom makeover!

Home Decorating:

I recently completed a very low cost renovation of a cottage on the property where I live.

For the bathroom, I basically scrubbed it from top to bottom, filled in all the gaps, painted the walls, the bath and the shower surround (which was laminate), and changed the flooring.

I didn't want to spend the money getting a new vanity, so I made a curtain to hide the ugly bits.

I also didn't want to have to buy new taps so I made sure the material I used would work with them.

I just used items that I already had to decorate the bathroom.

The only new thing I purchased was the lettering from Spotlight, and left it unpainted. I am very pleased with the result!! Here are some 'before' and 'after' photos...

Happy decorating!


Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Practical and Easy-to-Make Barbie House for a Little Girl

Creative Ideas:

Barbie House With Doors Open

This was an old cabinet that I'd had from years ago. It doesn't even have both drawers! (hence the books in the top!)

I painted it inside and out, and turned it into a barbie house for my little girl.

She shuts the cabinet when she's finished playing.... and then it all looks neat and tidy! The cabinet is also her bedside table, so it works well with its various purposes.

Barbie House with Doors Shut

Happy making!