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Monday, 2 September 2013

Rustic String Bangle


This lovely Rustic String Bangle would have to be one of my simplest and quickest projects yet! It also fits nicely with my other low-cost jewellery projects on our blog.

I’ve always loved the natural look of string, and this week one of my balls of string was down to its last few metres. I suddenly had the thought that my remaining bit of string would make a funky bangle!

The project was so quick and easy! All you’ll need is a pair of scissors to cut the string if required, and some good spray glue.

My string was pretty much already shaped exactly how I wanted it to be. I simply changed its size slightly to fit over my wrist (don’t worry too much about the size though because it is still very flexible even when the glue has been sprayed onto it).

Once your bangle’s size is a good as you can get it, it is then just a matter of spraying glue all over it – give it a good coat.  
Tuck in any ends and smooth down the bits of string in the inside of the bangle so that it doesn't scratch your skin when you wear it. Mine is very comfortable to wear.

Let it dry for an hour or two. And there you have it!

Happy crafting, and enjoy your week!


Monday, 9 January 2012

Electrical Wire Ring

Creative Ideas:

This piece of jewellery was something that happened by chance! I was cleaning up after an electrician's visit one day... and started wondering what I could do with some of the flexible electrical wire scraps he left behind.

I wound it around my finger and decided that it looked just perfect as a ring! You could also make a nice bangle... but unfortunately the electrician didn't leave enough wire behind for that!