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Friday, 12 August 2011

Simple Girl's Kimono Dress

Chiara's dress!
Don’t you love little girls clothes? I often wander around the children’s section and wonder why they (‘they’ being the clothing store giants) don’t make the equivalent gorgeous cardigans, light summer dresses with ties on the shoulders or cotton skirts in adult sizes??

Having a love for pretty things and not having a little girl of my own to share it with means my friends, who have their own little girls, often find themselves with random girly gifts of kindness.

I’ve been eyeing off all the pretty dress patterns there are out there for girls lately - and finally gave in to buying one as honestly you can only make so many pairs of shorts, pants and t-shirts with trains, boats and puppy dogs on them before you snap and want to do something pink, pretty and possibly with flowers, love hearts, birds or all of the above...

SO I was understandably SUPER excited when I bought this pattern.. designed by Amelia Herandez of ManiMina.

Claudia's dress!
It really was the simplest dress to make (if you read the instructions that is - I made the first 2 just winging it). I made one slightly different with bias binding around the edging - yes it took a lot longer (as I’m hopeless with bias binding) but it looks amazing!

Chiara's dress!
I would also really love to try the ruffle style too - but I might leave that for another time... too many other projects on the go!

Note: Little Claudia, Chiara and Milla - your dresses are on their way!

x Caity