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Monday, 23 September 2013

Simple and Colourful DIY Artwork


This week I was busy painting something that could be used as a raffle prize at a street stall that our school P&C held as a fundraiser. Everybody was so nice and supported us! Our stall was very successful! And this raffle-prize painting will be delivered to its new owner this morning.

This is a REALLY easy design, and I used a plywood panel for it, because the plywood colour looks so NICE poking through.

The inspiration for this painting came from looking at my friend Paula’s tray of pastels – and she has a beautiful collection!

The process for painting was very simple. Firstly I made a template out of cardboard to get the shapes all looking pretty similar. I drew all the rectangles on using this template (and moved it around a bit, orientation wise so the shapes all looked a little different). 

I used the colour Dulux Grid as my background, and painted that in first, then left it to dry. 

Then I simply added each colour as I went. I left an ‘outline’ of plywood on each of the rectangles.

I added a hanger to the back of the plywood panel, and then (once dry) it was ready to go!

Happy painting at your house!


Saturday, 2 April 2011

Bright and Easy Canvas Pictures


These are made out of small canvases that can be purchased most places these days.

I used paint left over from painting feature walls in my house. Use some baking paper to trace your design onto each canvas, then rotate them so that each circle is not sitting the same way.

You'll need about five different colours that match together relatively well.

You could also try this in other colours like blacks and greys....... or use bigger canvases..... whatever matches the room that it is going into!

Happy painting!