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Monday, 6 May 2013

Make a Quilt Canvas for Mother's Day


Lately I’ve been trying to use up some of my pieces of material, and I’m not letting myself buy anything new until I've used most of it up!

I’ve always liked Caity’s Children’s Paper Quilt Art Project, and wanted to build on that to make something similar for Mother’s Day using my fabric scraps. So I came up with this Quilt Canvas idea.
It really was a very simple and quick project. You also won’t need many materials.

I purchased a small-ish canvas (one with the larger sides), and used my scrap fabric, glue and paint that I already had on hand. The colour of the paint is Dulux Red Alert.

The whole project took about an hour to complete.

Firstly I cut up some small squares of all the fabric that I wanted to use.

Then I squeezed out heaps of glue and spread it out with my finger all over the area where I wanted to place my squares.

Then I simply stuck each one on! I was careful to ensure the design is balanced.

I finished the design by painting the sides of the canvas, which has added extra colour without being “too much”. The Quilt Picture is quite busy, so if you try something like this yourself, make sure that you leave enough space around the fabric for the picture to breathe.

Happy crafting for Mother’s Day!