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Monday, 7 May 2012

An Easy Bird and Nest Picture to Make for Mother’s Day


This project was really easy and fun! I wanted to make a nice, simple bird-type canvas using craft for Mother’s Day, and I also wanted the picture to be a bit “mother-y” too.

So I decided to make a picture of a mother birdie looking after her eggs!

First I painted the background colour onto the fairly small canvas. I used a Dulux colour called ‘Classic Touch’.

Then I attached my string line using my staple gun. I put the line about one third of the way up the canvas. This line then formed the anchor for the rest of my design.

Then I just went through some of my scraps of materials, and I found a really nice outdoor material sample that I had purchased ages ago. I used that for my bird, which I traced from another bird I had used in my Simple White Christmas Bird Mobile last year.

I then just fiddled around with the design for the nest and actually ended up using a paint sample card for it (Dulux Red Alert). Then I cut out two small eggs – one from cardboard and one from plain old white paper. I glued all my things onto the canvas with standard craft glue.

Then I finished off the design by naming it – I simply typed up my words and printed them on normal paper.

You could use any combination of colours and materials for this type of picture. Even three canvases together with slightly varying birdie designs would look great too.

Happy making (and Happy Mother's Day for Sunday)!