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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Simple Retro-Inspired Sailing Quilt


I'm sure you have all seen the news this week. We have just had a horrendous weekend of weather here in Queensland. Not sure I've seen so much constant rain fall for a long time - if ever!

But while I was house-bound it was the perfect excuse to just sit inside and sew. I found this gorgeous retro boats print fabric on sale at spotlight. The fabric was just so cute I didn't really want to cut it up.

Thom needed another quilt for his bed anyway so it was perfect to make up a simple alternating 4-patch quilt top for him. 

This took me all of one day to do. I already had the aqua and white in my cupboard so it also helped cut down my stash a little. 

The sail boat blocks are 10" square. To make the 4-patch i cut 5 1/4" strips of the aqua and white, sewing them together and then cut up 5 1/4 strips to quickly piece a 4-patch block. 

These blocks when sewn together make a 10" block so there shouldn't be any trimming down to do.

Then simply sew all the blocks together and now it's ready to quilt!

This quilt reminds me of the ferry races in Sydney Harbour on Australia Day.  

So I decided to name this quilt 'The Ferry Race'.

Only problem is going to get getting it off Thom's bed now - he loves it so much he won't let me have it back to quilt!

I also managed to have time to make up another little Ruby doll for a friend to give as a gift for a special little girl - she has cute little piggy tails which I just love!

Happy quilting!

Caity xx

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Make your Own 'Ruby Doll'


I have a good friend's little girl's 1st birthday coming up this week and was wondering what I should make for her. My inspiration came from my old dolls that mum has recently handed over to me - Coco on the left and Betsy on the right. You can see they are very 'loved'... especially Betsy which mum made me for my first birthday.

This was a simple little dolly to make - took me all of one morning to make and is really cute - I have named her Ruby after my grandmother and I hope 'E' loves her as much as I loved my dolls!

Firstly I drew up a pattern of what I wanted the doll to look like.

Next I traced each of the pieces onto some baking paper (noting that I needed to add seam allowance).

Once each of the pieces was cut out I assembled the parts. I used felt for the hair and cheeks, a simple french knot for the eyes and back stitch for the mouth and ribbon for the bow.

If you make a 'Ruby Doll' I'd love to see it or if you have any questions I'm happy to help!

Happy sewing!

Caity x

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Scrappy Simple Pin Cushions


I realised over the weekend I don’t own a single pin cushion – I have needle cases, tins full of pins and snap lock bags full of pins but don't posses a single pin cushion. 

How had this escaped me? 

A perfect reason to make myself some and use up more scraps I thought!

I pulled out some of the cut-offs I had from my made in cherry quilt

I made up 3 sizes in a simple 4 patch pattern and backed them with the sweetest aqua spot flannel I had left over from Thom's Baby-in-the-hood jacket (except for the largest one) – the smallest measuring just 4cm squared and the largest 8cm squared.

I even stuffed them with leftover cut-offs of wadding from my quilts. To make them nice and firm I secured the centre of each pin cushion with a button.

These are just so cute – easy to make and make a great little present for anyone you know who loves to sew!

Happy sewing!

Caity x

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Pretty Summer Tops to Sew


Well summer is officially over now - but here in Queensland we are lucky enough to be able to wear summer clothes for another couple months yet.

I found this cute pattern recently - it's a free pattern and really simple to make.

The only part I struggled with was the bias binding - I just never seem to get it quite right! but I think I did 'ok' here....I just used some lightweight voile I picked up recently at Spotlight for about $12m. 

I also made a simple shoulder tie top for myself - this top took about half and hour. I just made up the pattern myself - but there are plenty of free online patterns you can follow - just look up 'pillow case top' or 'simple top to sew'.

Well I better get out there and enjoy the last of the warm days here!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sweet Heart Brooch


I've found it difficult to get motivated to do ANY sewing this week. 

We have had a heatwave here in South East Queensland that's made it difficult to do much more than roll out of bed and fight your way into work to get to air conditioning (and yes we are crazy and don't have air con in our house).

Enough of me complaining ;)

Soooo, I made this little brooch late last night when the temp was just starting to drop a little. I used a scrap of natural linen I already had in my scrap basket and some pearl cotton thread in a brilliant red. 

I've just used french knots to form the shape of a heart, which I then stuffed with left over scraps of wadding from my quilts (I'm not sure about you, but I find it difficult to throw anything away sewing wise).

Once the french knots were completed I cut out a matching backing and then hand sewed the two together.

To finish it off I sewed a little brooch pin to the centre back and it was finished. 

It's so sweet, I can't wait to wear it.

Caity x