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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Liberty Jewellery Bags


My friend Kat recently returned from a trip to Melbourne and bought me a pack of lovely lovely liberty cottons from Luccello. I haven't been, but looking on their blog (website coming soon) you can see just what an amazing place the store must be!

Anyway, like a lot of you I find I really hate cutting up beautiful fabric sometimes. I just want to keep it and admire it. But I thought better of it and have made some sweet little purses that would be great for jewellery.

They are padded with some left over wadding I had from quilts and then quilted so they are a little more protective for my jewellery.

Don't you just love liberty fabrics!

Happy sewing!

Caity x

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Simple Hexagon Zippy Bag


Delving into my scrap bag this week I was wondering what I could possibly make from what I already had in my cupboard. As much as I love to shop, sometimes I surprise myself and come up with far more exciting ideas when I challenge myself to use only things I already have.

I love all the hexagon quilts around at the moment and as a distraction to finishing my own hexagon quilt I thought I might make up some small hexagons from my scrap box. 

These cute little hexagons measure 1 inch wide.

Sewing all these hexagons was a great project while watching the tv. For the main body of the bag I used a great natural linen I had for ages and used for quite a few of my projects over the last year or so - my 'little bit of love' cushion and 'Family of Birds' cushion. It's a great colour that really makes the bright hexagons pop.

Once I had sewn the hexagons onto the linen I added a bit more excitement with a couple rows of simple backstitch down either side and chose a bright green zipper to complement the greens in the hexagons.

Granted the sewing of the hexagons made this project take a couple nights of casual sewing, but I didn't have to buy a thing and I really enjoyed the hand sewing. 

This bag is going to a good home - my good friend Lissy who's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks - I hope she likes it!!!

Caity x

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Simple Zipper Bags


Gosh this week has flown. I had lots and lots of sewing planned and... well..... by the time I've got home from work, got Thom fed, bathed and to bed.....I just want to lie on the couch!!!!

But I did manage to get this cute little bag made up - I used the brilliant and super simple pattern for an oil cloth box bag from the amazing OneShabbyChick. Go take a look at how beautiful they look in oil cloth, not to mention all the other great things she is always making! 

Since I was using normal fabric and not oil cloth like the pattern I gave the bag a bit more strength by padding it with some left over wadding and did some simple straight line quilting. 

This project is REALLY quick - if you were using the oil cloth it would take no time at all! It only took about an hour from start to finish!

Happy sewing for the coming weekend - I hope you get as many projects done as I hope to!!!

Caity x