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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Little Yellow Ducky


Here is another great baby gift you can make using scrap fabrics you have in your cupboard! I love making baby gifts – this one isn’t for anyone special – I just couldn’t resist making it!

To make this ducky, simply draft up a basic body of the duck then the legs and cut 2 of the body and 4 of the legs. 

Pin fabric right sides together and sew with a ¼” seam leaving a gap at the bottom on duck to attach the legs to. Clip around the curves and turn through.

Pin each of the leg pieces together and sew with a ¼” seam, making sure you leave the tops open so you can stuff the legs. Clip around the curves and turn through.

Now you can stuff the body and the legs of the duck as firm or soft as you like. Once this is done you can position the legs on the duck body and pin to secure while you do a simple slip stitch to close the hole.

Finish off with a button for the eye and a nice bright ribbon around the neck. You can also add your own touch by adding some wings.

And there you go - another simple baby gift you can make in next to no time with what you already have at home.

Happy sewing

Caity x

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Little Birdies


The pattern for these little birds is from here - they looked so sweet, but I have to say their cute size is slightly deceiving in the fiddly work that is involved (or I’m just not very good at sewing).

It was Friday night and I was just itching to start something new - I’d recently bought this book for making quick little gifts and thought I might whip up a half dozen while I watched a bit of Friday night TV.

I’m not sure if I went about the whole thing in the wrong way (I have a propensity not to read instructions fully), but I just struggled making these birds:

1.  all the same size (my first bird looks like I has eaten another one!);
2. from keeping their tiny seams from busting open;
3. ‘undercarriage’ looking neat; and
4. looking anywhere as delicate as they do in the book!

But my whinging aside - I do love them and they will look ever so pretty hanging from a mobile if I ever have a little girl!

Caity x