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Monday, 22 April 2013

Double-Sided Flag Paintings


Some flags are just so lovely and simple - especially the Danish and Swiss ones - and they look fantastic when used as part of a room’s design. 

I've seen loads of interior pictures using flag designs on soft furnishings and other items, so for this week's project, I thought I’d build on that and make something to be used as artwork in our home.

I wanted to do something a bit different this time, I thought I’d combine the two flags on the one piece of plywood. I painted one on the front, 

and one on the back. 

So when I get tired of looking at one side, I can flip the artwork over and have a completely new design! At the moment, I have them leaning up against the wall, so changing it around will be very easy.

This project was very simple and took no time at all. All you’ll need is a piece of plywood (I purchased mine from Bunnings), a ruler and pencil and some paint!

Firstly I printed out from the internet the flags that I wanted to paint. This way I could see exactly how to draw the flag.

Then I drew the design onto the plywood using a ruler. This was much easier that I thought it was going to be.

Then I painted in the red, then the white on the Danish flag. For the Swiss flag, I just left the ‘cross’ as it was – with the plywood colour showing through. The red colour that I used was Dulux Red Alert. The white was just a tin of something I already had in the cupboard. I only did one coat of each colour.

These paintings already look really good in our home!

Happy decorating!