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Monday, 24 June 2013

A Modern Take on a Traditional 21st Birthday Gift


On Saturday evening we went to the 21st birthday party of a really lovely girl that we know, and I wanted to paint her something as a gift. I know that we no longer give people turning 21 those oversized keys that were all the rage a few decades ago… but I actually still like the idea of giving someone something that represents a step forward in life and reminds us of the increased responsibility that we now have for ourselves in turning 21.

So I came up with this 21 keys design! The drawings of the keys are based on another artwork that I completed a year or two ago for a friend of mine.

This artwork was very simple. I purchased another piece of plywood from Bunnings (I just love plywood!), and I used paint colours(interior acrylic paint) that I already had at home in my stash. I tried to use colours that I thought our 21st girl would like.

Firstly I drew the 21 keys onto the plywood. If you decide you'd like to try this, you could either copy my designs or find some simple key designs online.

Then I simply painted them in different colours! Just make sure you balance the colours as much as possible throughout your work. 

I also added a little saying down the bottom ‘All doors are opened at last’ and a happy birthday message, just to personalise it a bit more. I roughly drew this lettering on first and then painted over the top - it's very easy to do.

Happy painting!


Sunday, 1 May 2011

Anthea's Key Picture


This is a picture that I put together recently for a friend. She had seen a photo that she liked of some old keys arranged in a frame... but was having trouble finding old keys to recreate it herself!

So I had a go creating someting for her with some drawings, cut-outs and words.

Unfortunately my image of the finished picture here isn't very good (I have already given the real one away!!)

The words in between the keys say things like garden shed... laundry... all those places that you use keys for.

Once she has the picture up in her house, I might ask her for a new photo!

Happy drawing!