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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Simple ABC Fabric Framed Art


I love the simple things you can make. Em and I were only saying last week we sometimes think they are the best ideas we have!

This week I made the easiest little framed gift you could think of. Perfect for a little baby's room.

I found a font I liked called Monaco, from my Microsoft Word.

Then I wrote out 'ABC' in the font and then increased the screen size to 500% and traced straight off the screen onto some baking paper.

Next I cut out the paper shapes, and used them to trace around onto the back of the fabric. Just remember you need to trace them in the mirror image if you are tracing on the back of the fabric.

Finally I cut them out and glued them to a piece of card and framed it.

It was really so simple – it took me half and hour while I watched tv!!

Like most of the things Em and I make there are so many variations you could make with this idea. Large bold coloured letters, lower-case letters, or giant letters in individual frames… they would all look amazing!

Happy crafting this long weekend.


Monday, 29 October 2012

Shape Cushion-Toys For A Baby’s Cot


I have needed to make a few presents lately for friends who have had new babies, so I’ve been trying to think of different things to sew that little babies would like.

So I came up with these Shape Cushion-Toys! They were very easy to make, they look great in the cot…. and babies always love little soft things that they can cuddle. I made a circle, a triangle and a rectangle.

My method for making them was very simple. Firstly I selected my material (these shapes have been sent to a little boy), and put the right sides together. I used things around the house that I could trace to get the shapes and size I wanted (eg. saucepan lid).

Then I cut around the shapes, leaving a bit of a seam. As with all of my sewing, nothing is very accurate!

It was then an easy matter of sewing around the shape, leaving a section so that I could turn the shape the right side out and stuff it. Before turning the shape out, I ironed up the seams of the ‘not-sewed’ bit  just to make it easier for later. You can see what I mean in this photo, even though the photo shows the cushion the right way out.

Then I turned them right side out, stuffed them with toy filler, and machine-sewed up the ‘not-sewed’ bits.

Very simple but they will work well I think!

Happy sewing!