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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Simple Pretty T-shirts for Under $5


I'm trying to be a bit more budget conscious these days but a girl still wants to look good so I thought I might pretty up a few simple t-shirts I recently bought.

These t-shirts were $4 each from Big W.

I made 3 different styles - bows, lace and heart applique.... each one is very simple and will only take you about 30mins.

Bow t-shirt
1. To make the bows I cut a strip of fabric 1" x 15" long folded it in half and sewed down one side.

2. Turn the tube in half iron flat (with the seam in the middle).

3. Cut tube into 2 equal strips 6.5" each and 2 smaller strips of 1" each.

4. Fold the end of each long strip to the centre and secure with a couple simple stitches.

5. Fold 1" strip over the centre of the long strip and pinch together to form a bow and secure at the back with another couple stitches. 

6. Attach each bow to the side of the sleeve of your t-shirt with a couple of stitches and you're finished.

Lace t-shirt

1. Find some lace you like (it needs to be a little longer than the length of the centre front of your t-shirt). 

2. Lay the lace right side up, down the centre front of your t-shirt and pin (making sure you don't pin the back of the t-shirt too!).

3. Depending on the width of your lace, sew down either side of the lace to secure it to the t-shirt with a little over lap at the top and bottom of to make it nice and tidy and you've prettied up 2 t-shirts in no time.

Applique Heart t-shirt

1. Dig into that scrap bag of fabrics and find a piece of fabric suitable size to cut out a heart. Really it can be any size you want and if you want to draw your heart my hand or use a template it's really up to you!.

2. Iron the fabric scrap onto a piece of heat n bond the same size as the fabric.

3. Draw the heart on the heat n bond and cut out.

4. Place heart where you like on your t-shirt and secure with a hot iron.

5. If you don't have a sewing machine you could either stitch a button hole around the outside of the heart or even a straight stitch (if you decide to do this I recommend only hand washing your t-shirt as the stitching does get ratty). Otherwise you can use your sewing machine on a zig zag, satin or straight stitch to secure the edge of the heart and you're finished.

Three great t-shirts for under $5 each and really no cost at all if you use existing t-shirts and what you have in your cupboard!

Great gift idea for your friends!

Caity x