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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Children's 'Paper Quilt' Art Project

Artwork/Creative Ideas:

I have done no sewing this week. Just couldn't get motivated....bit of a cold and small child fighting bedtime has left me a little....BLUGH.

But Thom and I did manage to have some fun over the weekend making some art for his bedroom wall. It's just a simple little project, but i hope you and your children enjoy trying it out!

I started with my box of scrap fabrics - as you can see - it's overflowing at the moment!

Then I cut a collection of bright colours and prints into small random shapes.

Thom then sat down at his table with some craft glue and art paper and enjoyed making a 'paper quilt'.

Then we pegged our art up to dry outside for a while......and it now hangs proudly in his bedroom on his art wall!

Note: To make this project a bit more of a challenge for older children you could cut out all the one shape (say triangles) and get them to build a more complicated paper quilt - or draft up a background pattern of shapes they have to fill in with fabric scraps. 

Caity x