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Monday, 1 October 2012

Cute Little Curtain-Rod-End Clown

Creative Ideas:

This is another of my projects that use second-hand curtain fittings to make new decorative items for my home. I’ve previously done two others (See my Curtain Ring Art Piece and Fish Wall Hanging pictures)… and they’ve all been made out of the one bag of old curtain fittings that cost $3 from an Op Shop!

This little clown is just lovely, and he has lots of potential uses! He’s easy to put onto anything as he can be easily screwed in using his current fitting.

Just a few uses for my little clown head that I thought of were:

  • Put four of them into the corners of a child’s cot or a child’s bed – one for each corner
  • Put two of them at the back of a child’s chair – again, one in each corner
  • Use him for his intended purpose – as the end of a curtain rod! It would be lovely in a child’s bedroom or playroom
  • Put him on top of a little wooden box and you’ll have a lovely looking (but not functioning!)  Jack-in-the-Box
He was also very easy to make. Firstly, I worked out which sections I was going to paint and decorate (i.e. which bit was his hat etc), and then I searched the internet for some example ‘retro clown’ faces. I had a really quick go at drawing a few on a piece of paper first.

Then I chose my paint colours. I decided to use softer tones, rather than strong ones, to give the clown a friendlier look. I only used four colours: grey, white, yellow and red. I also decided to do a face on each side of the curtain end.

After painting the clown, I allowed it time to dry before adding
the facial details with a black permanent marker.

Happy making!