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Monday, 1 April 2013

Make it Pop with Plastic Bottles Wrapped in Packing Tape


This weekend (in between the Easter celebrations of course!) I wanted to give myself another decorating challenge. I wanted to make something nice that is REALLY easy and REALLY cheap! I also wanted to only use materials that I already had.

And they don’t come much more cost-effective or simple than these packing-tape-wrapped plastic bottles!

I had some leftover packing tape from one of my Christmas projects, and I also had a few plastic water bottles in a drawer.  

The results are some lovely bright and colourful shapes that really stand out! They are perfect for decorating a room where you don’t really want anything breakable (eg. a bathroom, kitchen or child’s room).

This project requires absolutely no time at all and NO skill whatsoever! Simply place the packing tape on one end of the bottle and start winding! Just smooth the tape down a bit as you wrap. You’ll be done after about one minute per bottle!

Mine are currently on my bedroom shelf for a little ‘pop’ of colour.

Happy decorating!