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Monday, 20 May 2013

Corflute Garden Decorations for Children (and Grown Ups!)

Creative Ideas:

I was very happy with my project from last week using corflute! So I thought I’d try a few more ideas for using this material outside and around my garden.

This week’s project is more for the IDEAS, rather than the finished product, if you know what I mean. I just quickly did a few things up to look at, and unfortunately didn't have time to do more examples!

I thought a nice idea would be to decorate an outdoor children’s play area with shapes and designs cut out of the corflute.

I used exactly the same cutting method as I did for my Funky Outdoor Mobile, and then I simply hammered the shapes into the trees using nails that I had leftover from one of my Christmas Projects. All very simple of course!

You could use these corflute shapes for all sorts of things:
A lovely little fairy house at the bottom of a tree – imagine how exciting it would be for your child to discover it!

Or you could make a large shape out of one piece of corflute and secure it to a wooden block for a stand. Put it somewhere in your garden – the same as you would for a sculpture. 

My rabbit is fairly small, but again, it’s just for the idea. I don’t think I need any more rabbits in my garden as I have enough live ones! A large mushroom would look great, or a bird, or a tree, a boat… anything really! You could also put several bird shapes into a tree or make a kite mobile.

Shapes would be perfect to help decorate an unsightly tree stump – I’ve got a few of these around my garden! A perfect place for fairies to live!

Just try to keep your shapes relatively simple so that they’re easy to cut out.

And then when you or your children get sick of the shapes, you can throw them out!!

If you decide to try this project, have fun! 


PS I forgot to say that it is very easy to decorate your shapes if you wanted to – a permanent marker is perfect for use on the corflute.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Funky Hanging Mobile For Your Garden


For some time now I have wanted to create a few items for my garden which are hard-wearing, simple and cheap to make. 

My garden at the moment consists basically of lawn and trees… no time for anything else with little children! I am gradually adding eye-catching items of interest such as waterbowls, pots, sculptures and other things. However, as I’ve been shopping around, I’ve found that so many ‘outdoor decorations’ that you find in garden shops are either out of my price range (i.e. usually the really nice things!) or are just a bit too busy and ornate for my home.

So, for my project this week I wanted to add to my garden’s collection, and I came up with the idea of making something out of corflute. Corflute is a very hardy plastic material and is perfect for use outdoors.

My garden mobile really was very easy to make. I firstly purchased a sheet or two of corflue from Bunnings. It cost less than $8 per sheet. I used about half of one sheet for this whole mobile.

I worked out a simple design in my head, and then I just started cutting out the corflute straight away – no drawing shapes on or anything. 

I found that it was easiest to cut the corflute by putting my knife on an angle (use a serrated knife too!)

Once I’d cut everything out, I worked out the placement for hanging each piece together. 

I used a meat fork thing (don’t know what it’s called) to make holes in the corflute for my bits of wire.

I used tie-wire, chopped into small-ish pieces and doubled over.

I threaded them through each of the pieces and then folded the wire back around so that all the pieces will be secure in the wind and weather!

Then I simply added another piece of wire at the top for hanging the mobile up. VERY EASY!

It looks fantastic hanging in lots of different locations around my garden! Here are a few examples:

For next week’s project I’m going to try a few other options for using corflute outdoors… I’ll see how I go!

Happy decorating!