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Monday, 18 March 2013

Ideas for Creating and Arranging a Garden Courtyard

Home Decorating:

This is my courtyard so far! I still have a bit of work to do, namely, back-filling behind the grey wall and then growing a Japanese Box hedge behind it… but I’m so pleased with how it’s looking now that I thought I’d post a few photos of it for this week’s project.

This courtyard was basically the corner of our house. The area was mostly filled with mostly empty garden beds beforehand -  there were quite a few of them and they took up lots of room.

With the help of a bobcat, we widened it and then paved it with rocks from around the property. The paving was done simply using crusher dust and beach sand. It’s really practical and looks fantastic.

The other side of the courtyard runs straight onto the parking area out the front of our house, so I “marked out” the courtyard area by placing a line of pots across one side. This helps to create the courtyard area and provide separation from the gravel… even though the rocks and the gravel are on the same level.

The grey wall was built using common bricks and then rendered. And the lovely table you can see came from our local craft shop. I painted it in oil-based paint in the same colour as the house.  I also painted a few of the pots.

Because this area is sort of a triangle (it was cheaper to leave the shape that way than to change it with heavy machinery), I’ve arranged the pots in groups to take the focus off its strange shape.

It is certainly a lovely place to sit, and for the children to play. I hope it may give you a few ideas for your place!