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Thursday, 15 September 2011

'Cross' - Sherbet Pips Quilt


I bought a layer cake of the gorgeous Sherbet Pips fabric range by Annela Hoey for Moda a few months back and have been debating ever since what I should do with it (deep down though it was just so pretty I really didn't want to cut it up at all!).

But, I finally settled on the gorgeous cross quilt design as I absolutely LOVE how beautiful they look when they are finished and I’ve seen so many cross quilt variations lately that I love, like this, this and this.

I used 2 packs of layer cake for this quilt and cut each large square into 9 x 3 inch squares (so I had an extra inch strip left on 2 sides).  

All my little squares ready to go.
I even drew up a pattern so that I could get all those little squares in the right order (it's very basic I know, but I need all the help I can get).

See here for My Cross Quilt Pattern - its very impressive ;)
And don’t laugh (ok laugh really loudly if you please) - but even WITH my super (read with extreme sarcasm) pattern I still managed to make a mistake on my first go of sewing up the squares and I had to unpick a section - AUGHHHH.... see top right corner of photo below when I was trying to fix it!

But once I got my brain under under control the quilt top came together pretty quickly.

Quilt top coming together (on the lounge room floor).
Finished quilt top waiting for quilting!
After a marathon of machine quilting - it's finished!
Close up of the quilt being blown around in the wind
For the backing of quilts I normally just try and use up whatever I already have - I was going to do a complicated collaboration of all my tiny scraps...and I even started sewing them all together....

but my patience got the better of me so I took the easy way out on this one using up the left over squares in pinks, blues, whites and reds (with a little bit of grey here and there).  

The quilt back - shows up the simple quilting nicely!
I think they stand out on the grey back ground nicely.
Just standard machine quilting of straight lines here - nice and simple, but effective!

For the binding I really wanted to use a red and white stripe on the bias - but you know how it is - when you know exactly what you want you can never find it. So I settled for an aqua spot which supports my undying love of blue!

 Thom chasing the quilt in the wind!
Finished Dimensions: 141cm x 170cm (56" x 68")

x Caity