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Monday, 2 July 2012

A Children’s Cubby House Now… and a Room for Grown-Ups Later!

Home Decorating/Creative Ideas:

We had this little room built recently by our very clever builder – doesn’t it look great? It’s currently being used as my children’s cubby house, or play house as they also call it… and they just love it!

The point of building something that didn’t LOOK like a cubby house is that it can be given another purpose later on. It could be a teenagers’ retreat, a spare room, an office or a craft room – whatever extra space we will need at the time.

The actual room size (i.e. once inside) is approx. 2.95 metres x 2.95 metres and the deck is 1.65 metres x 3.23 across, so it’s a really nice, useable size. I haven’t had the electricity connected at this stage, but that would be very easy to do later if required.

The cubby house is in the garden but still quite close to our house so it’s very easy to access from our verandah. An added bonus is that the cubby house is near my veggie garden so I will use the underneath part to store garden stuff like my wheelbarrow and garden stakes. I have planted a hedge to shield the underneath part from view.

Because of its enclosed design, we can use the cubby house all year round (it does rain a bit here and it gets very cold in winter!). I also had the glass sliding doors put into the front so that I can easily see from inside the house what’s going on outside in the cubby house.

All of the furniture, storage and shelving in the cubby house can be very easily moved around by the children. I wanted them to be able to do this so they could change things around depending on what they were playing (eg. shops or castles etc)

In these photos you can also see my Easter Egg Mobile and Peg Print III Coloured hanging up, and the Children’s Kitchen Cabinet that I made for Poppy a while ago.

… and no play house would be complete without its own mailbox ($13 from Bunnings and mounted onto a timber offcut) and garden gnome!

Poppy and James both love it! James is only just walking but as soon as he’s outside he goes straight for the cubby house door!

I can also see that this little room will be very well used for lots of different purposes for years to come!

Happy decorating!