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Monday, 29 October 2012

Shape Cushion-Toys For A Baby’s Cot


I have needed to make a few presents lately for friends who have had new babies, so I’ve been trying to think of different things to sew that little babies would like.

So I came up with these Shape Cushion-Toys! They were very easy to make, they look great in the cot…. and babies always love little soft things that they can cuddle. I made a circle, a triangle and a rectangle.

My method for making them was very simple. Firstly I selected my material (these shapes have been sent to a little boy), and put the right sides together. I used things around the house that I could trace to get the shapes and size I wanted (eg. saucepan lid).

Then I cut around the shapes, leaving a bit of a seam. As with all of my sewing, nothing is very accurate!

It was then an easy matter of sewing around the shape, leaving a section so that I could turn the shape the right side out and stuff it. Before turning the shape out, I ironed up the seams of the ‘not-sewed’ bit  just to make it easier for later. You can see what I mean in this photo, even though the photo shows the cushion the right way out.

Then I turned them right side out, stuffed them with toy filler, and machine-sewed up the ‘not-sewed’ bits.

Very simple but they will work well I think!

Happy sewing!


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Thom's Lounging Cushions


New cushions for Thom this week - they are nice and big - so he can throw them on the bed, the couch or the floor.

I used left over fabric I had from his Animals at the Zoo quilt I made last year (another great way to use up some more fabric from my stash).

The cushions have a finished size of approximately 22" x 22" and I cut 6" squares. I even inserted a zipper! Yay for me :)

To give the cushion a bit more softness I also quilted the cushion tops with some basic straight lines. For the backing I used some cute navy fabrics I had in the cupboard - spots and sharks! Very boyish!!

Maybe some for me next? 

Caity x

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Appliqué Spring Tree Cushion

Sewing/Home Decorating: 

Another unfinished project done (mental ‘TICK’) yay! I’m cruising through my box now.

I started this cushion while visiting Cath - it’s taken from here - which is an amazing and inspiring book FULL of great ideas!

Similar to the needle case I made for Cath, I was lucky enough to get to be able to use ALL her scraps for this cushion!!!!

Cushion in progress
My only regret is I didn’t insert a zip on the back of the cushion (I just couldn’t remember how to do it) but my lovely mum has since retaught me so I might just have to redo the back of this cushion - if I’m honest with myself though - probably not).

It's just as effective doing the simple back with an overlap of the two pieces.

Back of cushion
Caity x