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Monday, 5 November 2012

Easy-to-Make Rustic Christmas Tree Picture using String and Nails


If you’re looking for a very low maintenance Christmas tree… then this project’s for you! I also like the idea of changing around some of your everyday artwork to Christmas-themed ones, just for the season. For example, last year I did a Peg Print in Christmas Colours.

This Rustic Christmas Tree project was very simple, and it looks quite funky up on my wall. I purchased a piece of plywood from Bunnings(size on the back says 900 x 600 x 12), and painted one side of it in Dulux Grid.

Make sure you don’t paint the sides of the plywood – the plain wood sides tie in nicely with the string colour.

Then I worked out where to hammer in my nails (these were also purchased at Bunnings).

I sort-of did this by eye, but you could also print out a Christmas tree design and use it as a guide.

I then hammered in my nails – hammer them in just enough to cope with having the string wound around them.

And then I wound the string around my design: I cut a long piece of string first, then found the middle of it and put the middle over the top nail of the Christmas tree and wrapped around it. I then used two hands at the same time (one side of the string in each) and wound the string around all the nails. When I got to the bottom I tied a small knot and snipped of the leftover ends.

Then I got some different string (of course you could still use the same string, it will look good) and wound it around the tree for a small bit of decoration.

There are endless possibilities with this project – you could use a different background colour, different picture, coloured wool instead of string, or you could actually decorate the tree.

My daughter Poppy has already made a few things out of paper and has tied them onto our Tree Picture herself.

Or you could simply paint in the outline of the tree in a style that would look very similar to this type of painting.

Happy making!


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