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Monday, 14 October 2013

Garbage Bag Roll + Fabric Necklace


I decided that I was sick and tired of all my jewellery this week! I Just couldn't find anything to wear, and I wanted something ‘new’ and colourful and bright… and nice and CHUNKY.

So I decided that the heavy-duty cardboard roll that I pulled out of my garbage bag packet would be the perfect base for a new necklace! Isn't it amazing what housework can lead to. (!)

This was a very quick and simple project. Firstly, I chopped up my garbage bag roll into little sections using a serrated knife.

I ended up with 11 little rolls in total.

Then I chose my material and cut it up into strips to fit the little rolls. 

I sprayed lots of spray glue onto the fabric strip. Sorry about the orientation of this photo, it's Blogger, not me!

And then I simply rolled up the cardboard onto the sticky fabric, and set them aside to dry.

Then I chose another type of material and cut a long, skinny strip to use as the tied bit of the necklace. I attached a large safety pin to the top of the material for quick and easy threading.

And that was it!! Now I need to actually GO OUT somewhere so that I can wear my new necklace.

I hope that you give this project a try – you’ll be surprised at how funky this necklace can look! 

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Have a great week and make sure you try and fit something creative in!


Monday, 30 July 2012

Funky Red Bead Necklace


My friends and family know that I never like to pay much for either my clothes or my jewellery. (See also my Electrical Wire Ring, which I made for free – but I had to pay for the electrician’s visit of course to find the wire in the first place!!)

So this Funky Red Bead Necklace fits in with my collection well! And of course, this project was very cheap and really easy! No special materials or talent required.

I purchased two packets of large red beads from Spotlight at a total cost of $4.

Then I simply cut a thin strip of material from some I already had – whatever length you’d like, but don’t forget to allow an extra bit for tying it at the back of your neck. Of course, you could sew the piece of material but for mine, I preferred the rustic, frayed look.

Then I found a large-ish needle and used sticky tape to fix one end of the material to the needle.

Then it was a simple matter of threading the material through the beads.

The best thing about this necklace is that you can change the fabric according to what you need the necklace to co-ordinate with! There are so many options with this project.

And it looks great on too!

Happy making!