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Monday, 15 July 2013

Cheap Decorating with Fabric in Old Photo Frames

Home Decorating:

This project’s a great one for re-using stuff that you might have stored in a cupboard somewhere, particularly old wooden photo frames!

I know that the ‘framed fabric’ concept is not a new one, but I thought I’d use it as one of my projects for the blog because it fits in nicely with the ‘using what you've got’ decorating style.

This is another bedroom in our ‘guest cottage’, which is a spare house on the property that I did up myself for friends and families to stay. As I've mentioned before in previous posts about this house, I tried to spend the absolute bare minimum when decorating it.

I was very lucky to already have a good supply of second-hand furniture (all of the furniture you can see in these photos is second-hand), and I was also able to find some good bargains for the soft furnishings. 

For example, (in one of the other bedrooms in this house), the material that I made the curtains and cushions out of cost me $1 per metre from a Spotlight bargain table. In this bedroom featured here I purchased these doona covers on special from Ezibuy, but used everything else that I already had.

I had lots fabric leftover from another ‘red’ project that I’d done, so I used it again in this room for the cushions. Then I wanted to coordinate some artwork with the bed covers.

So I simply cut out some pieces of material, placed them inside the photo frames, and hung them up again. So quick and easy!

Happy decorating!


Monday, 8 July 2013

Cardboard Wall Dots For Simple Party Decorations


This weekend we had my daughter Poppy’s 6th birthday party at our lovely local Memorial Hall. Our Hall is very large and consists of several rooms, so I had to find some cheap and easy ways to decorate it (nicely!) for the party. I decided to focus on decorating a couple of key areas for maximum impact, which led me to my idea for my Cardboard Wall Dots.

I also made up some new No-Sew Bunting to go with my Wall Dots, which looked very nice.

My Cardboard Wall Dots were very simple to make! They also hardly took any time to do. The only materials you’ll need are:

-          Fabric
-          Cardboard boxes
-          Serrated knife for cutting out the shapes
-          Spray glue

Firstly, cut (“slice”, I suppose I really mean) your shapes out of the cardboard with your serrated knife. 

Then place the dots on your fabric and cut around them. Leave a bit of material right around the dot, so that you’ve got enough to fold over once you’ve applied your spray glue.

Give your dots a quick iron to get rid of any creases. 

Then spray the wrong side of the material with spray glue, and place your cardboard dot in the middle of each piece of material. 

Give it a while to become sticky. Then fold the edges over the cardboard and give them a little while to dry.

Then simply stick them up on the wall with blu-tack. They will look terrific.

If you decide to try this project, I hope you enjoy it!


Monday, 6 May 2013

Make a Quilt Canvas for Mother's Day


Lately I’ve been trying to use up some of my pieces of material, and I’m not letting myself buy anything new until I've used most of it up!

I’ve always liked Caity’s Children’s Paper Quilt Art Project, and wanted to build on that to make something similar for Mother’s Day using my fabric scraps. So I came up with this Quilt Canvas idea.
It really was a very simple and quick project. You also won’t need many materials.

I purchased a small-ish canvas (one with the larger sides), and used my scrap fabric, glue and paint that I already had on hand. The colour of the paint is Dulux Red Alert.

The whole project took about an hour to complete.

Firstly I cut up some small squares of all the fabric that I wanted to use.

Then I squeezed out heaps of glue and spread it out with my finger all over the area where I wanted to place my squares.

Then I simply stuck each one on! I was careful to ensure the design is balanced.

I finished the design by painting the sides of the canvas, which has added extra colour without being “too much”. The Quilt Picture is quite busy, so if you try something like this yourself, make sure that you leave enough space around the fabric for the picture to breathe.

Happy crafting for Mother’s Day!