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Monday, 3 December 2012

Baby Wrap Bedcover for an Easy Christmas Gift


The other day I was shopping in Target, and I saw these beautiful muslin baby wraps. The packet says they cost $15, but actually they were on special that day, so they only cost $12 per set of three.

I wanted to make something with them for Christmas and thought they’d be lovely as a summer bedcover for someone. A very easy-to-make and inexpensive Christmas present! So I purchased two packets so that I had four wraps of the designs I wanted.

This project was very quick, and the sewing was very, very simple. I’ve also done up a quick drawing of the process that I followed to make this Baby Wrap Bedcover: you can see it below.

Firstly, I sewed two sets of wraps together, right sides together. I didn’t bother pinning or ironing anything. A more “rustic” and imperfect look adds to the finished product in this case!

Then I held the two sets of sewn wraps together and lined up the seams of both of them, right sides together. Then I simply sewed the two sets of sewn wraps together to make four in total. Just make sure that you hold open the two seams flat before sewing them together (on both sides). They will all sit better together that way.

And that was it! The four wraps (120cm x 120cm each) makes a good sized bedcover for a king sized bed (pretty good for $24). And I even have the two lovely spotty ones leftover to go in with any future baby presents.

Happy sewing!