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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bear and Pup Soft Toys


I finally got around to making some new soft toys this past weekend. These are simple little toys you could make as a great gift for a little one - you can make them geared for a boy or girl just by choosing the base fabric. 

The differences between Bear and Pup are the placement of their ears and also the length of their legs - Bear has short legs and Pup has longer legs. 

I hand appliqu├ęd their faces and for the eyes I used small buttons I already had in my collection of 'extras' from clothes I have collected over the years.

The paws are simply a little back stitch.

Happy creating!

Caity x

Monday, 9 April 2012

Easy-to-Make Soft Toy Elephant for a Child


I recently bought this really lovely elephant material from Spotlight, and I thought it might be nice to make a children’s toy out of it. Luckily, I already had some material for the ears that matched perfectly. It’s actually the same material that I used for my bedhead makeover last year.

To make the shape of the elephant, I had a look at lots of the ‘simple elephant’ drawings that there are online… and then I drew up my own.

I cut out the template, pinned it onto the material and cut around it.

If you make a few cuts like these (above) in the tight corners, the legs will sit better when you turn the elephant the right way out.

I then cut out the ears, ironed up the sides and sewed along them.

I made a small tail too.

Then I sewed the ears to the material and poked in the tail so that it would point the right way once I turned out my elephant after sewing.

I also sewed on some small white buttons for eyes to each side.

Then I sewed around the elephant, leaving an opening to turn it out and stuff it. Once I’d finished the stuffing, I pinned the area to be hand-sewed, and then sewed it.

My little soft toy elephant is now in the mail being sent to a new little baby boy!

Happy making!


Monday, 10 October 2011

Easy to Make Doll's Cradle for a Little Girl


My little girl Poppy recently saw a doll's cradle in a shop and since then had been very keen to have one! It was very expensive (as nice children's toys often are)... so I tried to think of a way to make the doll's bed cheaply at home.

We had been given a lovely wooden container years ago for a present, and it occurred to me that it was a perfect size for a doll's bed. You could also use a strong box or crate, or any other dolly sized thing you can find around the house!

Then I set about making the frame for behind the cradle. I didn't want to drill any holes into my wooden container (because I want to use it again later after Poppy has finished with her dolls), so I had to make a frame that would be stand-alone. I purchased some craft wood from a hardware, and cut it into two bits.

I made a sort of 'T' shape with the two bits, and I put one nail in the top.

For the bottom of the frame, I taped (using hard-wearing fabric tape) four metal braces on to the wood. I already had the braces - they were left over from some IKEA furniture that I had previously bought.

The frame then looked a bit ugly so I wrapped it in old sheeting and tied it using thread. Then I sewed a bow together for the end and glued it into place. I forgot to buy some netting when I was last at Spotlight, so I cut up a cheapie food cover that I had here for the netting. I simply hung it over the top of the frame. I didn't worry about getting everything perfect - Poppy and her dolls don't mind!

 Then I made a skirt for the bottom of the cradle out of old sheeting again. I threaded some elastic through and tied it behind the container, and then sewed on a bow to finish.

Then I made a mattress, sheet, pillow and cover for the cradle. Poppy's favourite doll at the moment is called 'Betsy', so I thought I'd make a personalised 'B' pillow for her too!

And this is the finished product! The only thing the cradle doesn't do is rock... but so far that has not worried Poppy (or Betsy)!

Poppy also still loves playing with her homemade barbie house too! (See Practical and Easy-to-Make Barbie House for a Little Girl)

Happy making!