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Monday, 18 June 2012

Name-Letters Mobile Made out of Cardboard


We went to a 4th birthday party last week for two little girls and I wanted to make some presents for them that were personalised, pastel-coloured and pretty. So I came up with these easy Cardboard Name Mobiles!

These Cardboard Name Mobiles are in the same easy-to-make style as a couple of other ones that I’ve done: Simple White Christmas Bird Mobile and my Pretty-in-Pastels Easter Egg Mobile.

All you’ll need for your Name Mobile is some cardboard (I used the side of a box), scissors and a serrated knife, good sticky tape, string and some nice paint colours.

It really is easy. Firstly I printed out the letters in the font I wanted on my computer. From memory I think I made the text size about 450.

Then I cut out the template, traced it on to the cardboard, and cut each letter out of the cardboard using a serrated knife (it’s quicker and easier to manipulate around corners using a knife rather than scissors).

Then it’s just a matter of painting each letter and sticking the string to the back of them using some good sticky tape.

Just be sure to get the spacing of the letters right so that the name ‘flows’ and is easy to read once it’s hung up on the wall.

Happy making!