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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Make Fabric Style Labels for the Home

Craft/Home Decorating:

Do you love things to be organised in your home?
I do, but I’m also the first to admit that I’m far from perfect – I just love the idea of a ‘perfect’ home!

Anyway it’s summer time here in Queensland and it's hot - too hot to quilt and almost too hot to do anything - but I have been doing a little cleaning and organising around the home.

First on my list, my cupboards – all my cupboards!

Sigh – Apart from making them tidy – I was thinking about how I could make them a little more practical as well as pretty and came up with an idea to make fabric labels for all my cupboards.

This is a really sweet way to personalise AND organise your home at the same time – and you can make then to suit any theme you like – I have chosen a gorgeous blue chevron print and some lovely liberty florals.

You can do this at home on your computer and it really is so simple:

Things you will need:
·      Computer with word program or similar
·      Colour printer
·      Clear contact
·      Scissors
·      Thumb tacs or double sized sticky tape

Step 1:
Find an image you can copy and paste it into Word (or similar) on your computer. I used fabric sample images, but if you want to use your own photos, designs or even scanned documents you can.

Step 2.
Size your fabric image to your desired size depending on the label size you want (I find it’s best to fill the entire page– but it’s  totally up to you).

Step 3.
Click on the image and go to the little box that says ‘text wrapping‘ (depending what version of Word you have this might be found in a different place). Next click on ‘through’ – this will allow you to write over the image you have saved.

Step 4.
Create your label names. I made a couple different sets – a set for my wardrobe, a set for the linen cupboard and a set for my kitchen.

Step 5.
Once you are happy with the layout you can print your labels using a colour printer. Next cut out each label to the size you want.

Step 6.
Cut your contact paper about 5mm larger on all sides than your label. You will need two pieces for each label. Peel off the back and place the label face down onto the sticky side of the contact. Place the other sheet of contact over the top and smooth down carefully to make sure there are no pockets of air.

Step 7.
Finally attach your labels to your drawers, cupboard shelves or containers either with double sided tape or a small thumb tack if you don't mind making a mark in the wood. 

Happy creating, and now I just need to organise the rest of the house!

Caity x