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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Mr Elephant - Lino Print


I have been very good lately, working through my unfinished projects - and while I’m still working away on a few bigger projects I had to break free for a while - even if only to do something small!!

This took me right back to high school art class days, which might well be the last time I actually did a lion print!

I took my inspiration from a great little alphabet frieze wall poster by Miriam Bereson we have at home, and did a sketch in pencil straight onto the lino.

Then, the fun part of carving it out! I loved this bit - it was quite therapeutic  (note to self - I must buy more lino)

Mr Elephant - sitting in the garden!

From there it was just a matter of the PRINTING!

My first on paper was a little disappointing (see below) as I didn’t use enough paint - but I soon got the hang of it). 

First attempt - not quite enough paint!
Second go - too much paint!
Third time lucky!
Next I'm going to try it out with some fabric paint for a tshirt! 

But for now it looks great in my little boy's room!

Mr Elephant!
Caity x