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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Fleur Play Mat & Soft Baby Toy Flower


Close up of the petals
The first part of this post goes way back, to 2009 to be exact, when I was eagerly awaiting my first bub! Being a life long sewer and lover and maker of quilts, not to mention loving pretty things I guess I naturally assumed this meant I would have a little girl.

(oops - got that totally wrong - as I have 1 very boisterous and totally lovable 2 year old BOY who loves trucks, football and trains, but wouldn't change it for the world!)

So I was flicking through the Homespun magazine at the time and found this pattern for a beautiful little playmate which I instantly I envisaged would look so sweet in my little girl’s room.

Long story short - I made it and it was insanely simple to do and lots of fun to see all the scrappy colours come together.

The Fleur Play Mat!

I have even used it (although I admit it is currently positioned under a Thomas the Tank Engine play tent in my little boy’s room!).

However the second, and current part of this post relates to the
mini Fleur version which you can see here that I saw with it. A cute little soft toy flower which would be another great way to use up scraps and make something for all my girlfriends who WERE having GIRLS!

So this weekend I decided to have a go using up more scraps from my ever growing scrap box.

I embroidered the face and cheeks on the little flower by hand and coloured them in with crayon.

I’m really happy with the result and think I better make a few more as I now have 3 good friends expecting bubs in the next 6 months!  

Little mini Fleur- enjoying the winter sun

Back of mini Fleur - just as pretty as the front!
x Caity