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Monday, 8 October 2012

Contemporary Yellow Flowers Design for Canvas


This is a nice, simple pattern that I developed recently when I was trying out some ideas for modern floral designs. I painted it for our spare cottage, but ended up liking it so much that it now hangs in the corridor in our house!

It’s a really easy pattern to try for yourself. The three Dulux colours I used for this canvas design were: Rolling Pebble (the brown); Pale Daffodil (the yellow); and Wayward Grey (the dark surrounding the flowers). I just purchased sample pots of the colours.

My process was very simple. I firstly drew in the pattern with a pencil. The balance and placement of the flowers is obviously central to making this design work.

Then I painted in the brown and the yellow.

After waiting for them to dry, I then finished off the design with the dark grey around the edge. This was the fiddliest and most time consuming bit of the painting work.

As with most of my projects, the possibilities for use of colours for this design are endless!

Happy painting!