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Monday, 4 March 2013

Pastel-Painted Outdoor Setting

Home Decorating:

This was a very simple project… but in fact, it was quite difficult to do this weekend! We have had SO much rain here over the past week or so (like many areas!), and it has also been raining non-stop all weekend. It was hard to find a dry spot on my verandah to get the setting painted, and then I couldn't even sit it outside to take my final photo! At least we’re not flooded though.

I’ve been looking at my outdoor setting for some time, wondering what colour to paint it. This is what it looked like before. 

Then I decided that it would look better in three colours instead! I used all Dulux colours: Pastel Mint, Airbourne Quarter and Pale Daffodil.

I was actually very lazy, and didn't sand the setting at all, nor did I do any undercoating! I’m not expecting the paint to last forever (I did two coats on each)… but by then, I’ll be wanting to paint them a different colour anyway!

I can’t wait for the rain to stop so that I can put my “new” setting out on my deck and put something on top of the table.

Happy painting!