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Monday, 22 July 2013

Building Block Stamp Paintings


This project would have to be one of the SIMPLEST and EASIEST artworks I have ever done on this blog.

I wanted to create a large size, modern painting in neutral colours… but of course with minimal cost! It’s similar in technique to my Sweet Potato Stamp Painting, but takes less time. I have also used children's building blocks for stamping before - they work well!

I used MDF panels again for this project- they’re so cheap at $3.50 each from Bunnings, and they’re a very decent size (these ones shown are 60cm x 90cm each). I didn’t even worry about painting the MDF first for this project – the brown colour gives a really nice natural tone against the white. It’s just the look I was after!

The other good thing about using MDF panels is that they’re very light and easy to hang. I’m going to hang these paintings with a few of those Command picture hanger sticky strips on the back of each panel. Sorry about the orientation of this photo...

Completing this project really was quick. Firstly I selected one of my children’s building blocks for the stamp shape. I chose this block for its square end size plus its length (I wanted to easily hold it when I was doing the stamping).

I used plain old white paint – whatever you've got in the cupboard will do. Then I just started stamping straight onto the MDF and kept on until I’d finished! 

The whole project (from start to finish, getting paint out on a tray, then cleanup etc) took me 1.5 hours. Easy! As you can see, the stamping isn't perfect, bu it doesn't matter. It'll still look good when all the stamped squares sit together.

It’s a pretty nice large artwork for about $10 in total (if you include the paint).

Give this project a go! – there are endless possibilities for design and colour.

Happy painting!


Monday, 25 June 2012

Retro Building Blocks Canvas


This painting design all started with my children’s building blocks! I chose a background colour of charcoal (the colour is Dulux Grid), and painted the canvas with a couple of coats.

Then I got the building blocks and started printing with them by dipping them in white paint – I printed in a haphazard but ordered way – much the same way I’d hang a group of pictures together on a wall.

The design then went from there! I joined up some of the blocks, added some squares of cardboard, then painted an outline of some of the squares.

Then I added some cut-out squares of material to complete the canvas… and it ended up looking quite retro to me, like an old lino design or something.

Anyway, it looks great up on my wall and I’m very pleased with it! I might use the building blocks again soon for another design.

Happy making!