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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Completed Summer Happiness Zig-Zag (chevron) Quilt


I started this quilt about a year ago and finally finished the quilt top back in July this year. It turned out to be a monster quilt - but a monster I LOVE! 

Anyway thanks to the lovely Cheryl at Baci quilting who did all the machine quilting for me - we debated for ages what design we would use and I changed my mind about 100 times - the finished design is a large leaf pattern which repeats horizontally and it looks amazing!
Close up of the quilting
For the backing I used colours I wouldn't normally use - really bright and a little bit fluro - but I loved it when I bought it - although when I got home I had a bit of a panic - but resolved myself that its the backing so it really doesn't matter too much - the navy stripe in the middle is Thom's old curtains! I think it breaks up the yellow nicely.

Finished Dimensions: 183cm x 203cm (72" x 80")

x Caity

Friday, 29 July 2011

A Work in Progress - The Big Zig-Zag (Chevron) Quilt


I must start this by being upfront and saying:
I failed mathematics in my final year of high school!
Possibly not because I wasn’t capable, but more from a ‘I did not APPLY myself’ sort of perspective. ;)

Anyway...I don’t usually do all that normal ‘prepping’ you should do before you make a quilt like:

-    drafting up the pattern
-    deciding on finished size
-    checking to see I have enough fabric

(I know, can you believe it - crazy!) 

But on this occasion I did - see my ‘brilliant’ (read with extreme sarcasm) sketch of the quilt below and my obviously poor level of mathematics at play.

The actual plan!
Some how though, despite all this planning, I still ended up miscalculating the number of coloured squares I needed to cut up and instead of cutting 320 squares I cut 640!!!!!!

This error may also answer some questions in relation to a few of my previous posts where you might have wondered why I seemed to be making lots of square and half square triangle quilts, like herehere and here. Well it was to try and use up all my extra squares!

And wouldn’t you know it, even after making all those quilts I still have enough left over to make a few more !!!

….ah well at least I haven’t wasted anything!

So here are a few photos of the quilt to date..I love the pretty colours and I generally just used what I already had in the cupboard so it's nice and scrappy.

Close up of all my zigs and zags

It even looks pretty on the wrong side!
The finished quilt top!
I had originally thought I would hand quilt this one - but seeing it's already halfway through winter (or more) and it's MASSIVE, I decided I would get it machine quilted so I might at least have a change of using it this year.

And as luck would have it, I found a lovely lady at work who also loves quilting as much as I do and who has a wiz bang quilting machine and was happy to do the quilting for me!

So this lovely quilt will be on its way to her as soon as I can:

1. decide what quilting design I want to use; and
2. finish getting the backing pieced!

So I'd love to hear from you if you have any ideas on what you think would be a good quilting design for this one!

At the moment I'm thinking an all over design would be best so I can disguise some of my zig-zag points that don't quite meet!
x Caity