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Thursday, 7 July 2011

‘The Animals at the Zoo’ Square in a Square Quilt


Pieced quilt top ready for some quilting!
This quilt is another one of my unfinished quilts that I have resurrected from my box.

The pattern for this quilt is from Cluckclucksew and was really simple and easy to make if you use her revised way of cutting up the blocks as noted here.

I used a half yard custom fabric bundle from Fabric Worm in what I think was called 'The Zoo' (but unfortunately it's no longer in stock) and I added a few extra spotty fabrics from my stash.

Once I got all the blocks cut and pinned together it was a surprisingly quick quilt top to piece together...and I didn’t even struggle with getting corners to meet (well not as much as I normally do!).
A close up of my neat little corners
For the backing I used up some large pieces of fabric I already had trying to keep the colour theme (it’s amazing what you can find in the scrap bag!!!). Note the small error I made when I realised I was short in one corner!!!
Back of the quilt - note the top left corner!!

My initial idea was to hand quilt it and so I spent an hour one Saturday afternoon hand tacking it (I HATE HAND TACKING QUILTS)

Hateful tacking :)

And wouldn't you know it, once I got that done I changed my mind and decided it was definitely a machine quilting project - as it's for my little boy's first ‘big boy’ bed (when he gets one that is) and I had visions of it being dragged all over the house.. not like his Swimming Fish Quilt which I hope (probably pointlessly) will stay nice and clean for eternity.

For the binding I used a pale blue and white stripe which I cut on the bias and then pieced randomly so that the stripes ran both ways to create a bit more interest!

Random binding

Anyway here is the finished quilt - I love it!

Happy quilting!

Close up of the animals at the zoo!

The finished quilt!

PS. I REALLY am going to get a new camera soon!
Caity x